If you are in Las Vegas for a few days and want to explore the Las Vegas Strip, you have many different ways of getting around.

The Las Vegas Strip has a monorail system. The monorail is very limited to where it runs. Depending on where you stay on the Strip, and when you want to visit on the Strip, the Vegas monorail may be able to help you out.

The Las Vegas bus system is cheap and very reliable. You can easily ride the bus up and down the strip. No need to be afraid of the Las Vegas city bus. If you are going to be using the city bus a lot then you can buy a daily, weekly, or monthly pass, and then ride all you want.

The worst part about the bus is if it is 110 degrees outside and you are waiting outside for the bus to come. The buses on the Strip run a regular schedule. You can easily hang out in an air conditioned casino until it nears the arrival time of the city bus.

Taxi cabs are everywhere on the Las Vegas Strip. You can not hail a Taxi from the street. A taxi can not legally pick you up on the Strip in Las Vegas. You must get a Taxi off the street such as a Hotel check in area. The Taxis are everywhere and very easy to get a ride. They can transport you to anywhere eon the Strip you want to go too.

You can rent a limo for the night or you can hail a limo parked outside of a casino and have a short ride to a different Las Vegas Strip hotel casino. There are many limousines in Las Vegas that you can hire similar to a taxi cab service. It does cost more, but if you want a ride in a limo then go ahead.

Rental Car
Many people rent cars when they fly into Las Vegas. A Rental car is nice to have for driving to Hoover Dam and an evening drive up Red Rock Canyon. Other than those trips, there is not really a need for a rental car, especially if you are simply looking to get around on the Strip.

On weekends, it is usually much faster to walk then to drive while on Las Vegas Blvd. The huge influx of weekend visitors makes driving a car down the strip a huge hassle. The vast majority of locals will always evade driving down the Strip on the weekends. Parking can also be hard to find at times. Many hotels have free valet service, but you should tip the valet drivers. Tips will run you $5.00-$10.00 overtime you park and pick up your car from a valet on the Las Vegas Strip.
Walking along the Strip is a great way to get around for many people. If it is summertime and the temperatures are extremely hot then you will be safer if you take a taxi or the bus, especially if you are going to the opposite end of the Strip.

In the evening, and in the fall and winter when temperatures are cooler, you can easily walk too many casinos on the Strip. The only thing thaw twill limit you is how tired your legs may get. You can always walk one direction and then ride back on the Las Vegas city bus.

Hotel Vans
Some hotels in Las Vegas offer free van service. They will usually have pick up at their hotel and drop off at a different property. You can ask around to find which hotels offer free van service. Sam's' Town Hotel Casino offers a free shuttle service that runs from there property to Downtown Las Vegas as well as to the Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas Strip
There are many options you have for getting around on the strip. If you feel overwhelmed by your options then consider staying at a hotel casino located on Fremont Street. The Hotel casinos are located closer to each other than the Strip properties making casino hopping a much easier chore.

Las Vegas is a fun town to visit but you should never feel as if your are stuck in one area. Mnay people never venture outside of the Hotel Casino they are staying at. There is so much to see and do in Las Vegas. Transportation options are in abundance on the Las Vegas and you should never feel imprisoned or chained to one Hotel Casino while on vacation in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a town with a lot too offer, but it is easy to find reliable transportation to navigate the Las Vegas Strip and beyond.
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