Travelling is a wonderful thing and most of us love it. There is no better way to broaden your horizons in so many areas at one time. It is great to go abroad for holidays and spend a couple of weeks in a new place, meet some new people and take a look at other culture. But if you really want to get to know the country you are going to, you have to stay there at least a couple of years. We go abroad for many reasons, it doesn't always have to be our own decision, sometimes we get a promising job offer in another country, sometimes we fall in love with a foreigner and have no choice but to move abroad with them. No matter what is the reason of our migration, we have to remember that as much good as it can bring to our lives, moving abroad is connected with countless difficulties. Many of them are unexpected, but let us have a look at the ones we can predict. This way we can prepare and eliminate them.

You might think that the country you are going to is as civilized as your country and there shouldn't be any differences when it comes to customs. But the truth is every place in the world has its own specific frames when it comes to behavior, especially in public. When we look at Europe for example, it may seem that nothing can surprise us, but the countries differ a lot and not knowing these differences may cause some unpleasant situations. It can be something really small – for example in Finland you should greet the driver when you get into the bus, other behavior is considered rude. However, if you greeted a driver in Slovakia, the passengers would look at you with suspicion. You should also be careful with gestures – their meaning may differ significantly in various countries.

To avoid unpleasant situations, you should also find out something about the law of the country you are going to. What is allowed in your state doesn't have to be tolerated there. Small things like sitting in particular places, drinking alcohol in public or parking can cost you dearly if you don't know how to do it. If you are a driver, make sure you know something about rules of the road, they can be totally different than what you got used to. Consequences of breaking the law are never nice and they are probably even worse for a foreigner, we should remember that.

Language doesn't seem to be such a big problem anymore because almost everyone speaks English. Still, there is a big chance you will come across someone who won't be able to understand you. Not everyone had a chance to learn English and even if they did, it doesn't mean there are able to communicate. That is why you have to learn some basics of the language that is spoken in the country of your destination. Another thing is that if you are planning to stay there for some time, it is the matter of respect to speak the local language, this way you show the people you really appreciate them and their culture. Finally, speaking the local language you will be treated more seriously. You might be a qualified engineer, a professor of mathematics or a web design specialist but as long as you can't communicate with the locals in their own language they won't treat you with proper appreciation.

No matter how good you might feel abroad, you will miss home at some point. You will compare everything you see with the things you remember from your home place, you will long for all the small things you took for granted before you left. That is why it is very important to stay in touch with your family and friends, from the very beginning, even if you don't feel the need to contact them during the first days when everything is so new and exciting. You should stay in touch with them already from the moment you arrive. Talk via webcam, share your observations, and tell them about your feelings. This way you will feel they are with you and you won't ever feel lonely.

Moving to another country is a very difficult step to take in general. There are people who would never find enough courage to do it. You have to know that it will be hard at the beginning. You may even want to pack your bags and run away after a couple of days. If you do it, then it is fine – you shouldn't do anything against your will. But you can try to grit your teeth and tell yourself that the worst will pass in some time. Once you do this, you will really start enjoying your life in another country and the feeling of victory over your fears will give you the energy to go on. Knowing you have made such a big thing should tell you that you are strong and you should always remember it, for the rest of your life.