Train Your Awareness

Mostly the people fell in these traps, are the ones who are travelling without any planning, and moreover which is more importantly, going somewhere without making even a slight research on the place. As for the hard-core traveller, it is easy to distinguish such con men and scammers, during their travels it is logical to get some experience on this matter. I am such one.

Who do you think is not loving to travel, the lazy people, the ones that are so bound to the everyday life, and are scared to experience something new. And thus they always prefer to pay for one big package from some tourist agency.

What is interesting here, is that the most people who are being naïve and fell under these traps are those people who only want to pay for everything and get it. They are the ones are being mostly conned and lied and of course robbed with legal ways. So, I will just leave some of my thoughts and will share some tips that you may apply to your travels as well.

There are some often met traps which con artists lay for tourists. They could be:
- Giving astonishing low price for housing or for renting room
- Not normal low prices for any products
- Offers to buy a "real" antique object for literally "no money"
- Contraband commodities and such, just stay away from these.
- Stay away from nice guys, who are offering help and guiding services. Often they seek to get really close to you and rob you during some explanation of theirs by jumping and singing and such.
- Stay away from taxi drivers who are coming to you, if you need one check their rates. 

How you could avoid these traps you might ask, some would perform an outstanding and act very reliable with their behaviour that many are thinking that they are the real officials of the sightseeing.

How to avoid the traps made just for you?
Before heading to some exotic country, learn about its customs religion and culture. Also some basic words of the language would be good, you can carry with you some handy dictionary, those meant for travellers.

Seek an information about the prices of hotels, hostels and such. Also check out the average prices of the tickets for museums, sights or the prices for any kind of special events. Sometimes an event could be for free, but if you are not knowing this you could be sold a fake ticket (believe me I have witness such case).

Be very vigilant while you are visiting famous tourist attractions in cities like Hong Kong, Paris etc, as the cons will try to fool people. Ahh, almost forgot, when you step on the air port and you are about to leave somewhere, and you are searching for a taxi, buy always a city map, look good for their rates and such. As the taxi drivers are happened to be con men as well in many countries, even in Europe. When you are checking out from the hotel, ask the receipt-man to call you a taxi.

And the most dangerous these days trap is the roaming charges. If you are owner of a smart-phone, be very careful how you had configured it. As it comes with default settings which the data roaming is turned on.

Many mobile carriers are doing the opposite and not informing their clients, as they will get huge bills accordingly to the law. Here, there is no fraud, everything happened because of your low level awareness of this matter. So whenever you go on a trip, remember not to use any kind of internet connectivity and to turn off any kind of mobile connection and such.