Turning Trash to Treasure

Furniture Refurbishing Trash to Treasure


Consider turning trash to treasure as the ultimate furniture refurbishment project.  The gratification in a job well done in turning trash to treasure provides a rush like no other.  Furniture refinishing and refurbishing loom big on the landscape today as people search for good deals and unique furnishings to represent their space. 

I first encountered turning trash to treasure a few years back on a birthday. Sewing and quilting as a hobby occupied those relaxation hours available in my schedule.  On the day of my birthday, my husband proudly said that he could not wrap the present he had for me as it was too large.  I could tell by the impish look on his face, the excitement in his voice, and the twinkle in his eyes that something interesting filled the bill as the birthday present.  Out came the most beautiful present I can remember ever getting.  The thought behind it brought tears to my eyes, and the gift will be passed down from generation to generation I am certain.


The Trash to Treasure Perfect Birthday Gift

In reminiscing about growing up with the tradition of visiting my grandmother every Sunday, I mentioned once the memorey of an old time pedal sewing machine that she owned.  I could not believe that neat items like that had not been kept from her estate, but they were not.  Think forward to my birthday.  My husband relayed the tale of trash day about six months before.  Out on the curb across the street from us, someone had discarded just the base to an old pedal sewing machine.  One metal leg was broken, so it did in fact look like trash.  Quite anti to what my husband would ever consider doing, he went and took the piece, remembering my fondness of such an item.  He took it to a welding shop, and they put on a leg that looks aTrash to Treasure Night Stands good as new!  He then went to a butcher block place and purchased a butcher block top for it.  The most gorgeous and thought provoking birthday present ever appeared that day on my birthday!  Someone’s trash turned into my personal treasure which proudly sits as a night stand in our bedroom.  I would not trade it for any amount of money. Furniture refurbishment is turning trash to treasure in many instances.

Another Trash to Treasure Example

A quick venture upstairs to our game room illustrates yet another trash to treasure example.  Growing up, every Saturday, we went to my other grandmother’s house.  Yes indeed, we were fortunate to have all sets of grandparents living close by and playing integral parts in our lives.  For lunch on Saturdays, we often had pink lemonade and macaroni and cheese along with a game of Monopoly on a big, oval grand table.  I am dating myself, but oh how I remember and cherTrash to Treasure Furnitureish those Saturdays.  Years later, as we were clearing out my grandparents’ home, everyone wanted to toss out the “old, ugly table.”  That table held memories for me, and I could not bear it.  We had just built a new home, and my husband was in disbelief that I would consider putting ‘that old thing’ in our new house.  The top, sadly, was beyond help.  So, I agreed to getting rid of the top, but that beautiful base was not being tossed.  I purchased a round top for it as the bigger oval top just would not fit in with our new game room.  That table now hosts games of all sorts, including of course, Monopoly.  Better yet, each time I see it, a wave of cherished memories play as if a movie on the screen.

Trash to Treasure as a Current Sport

New television series such as Picker Sisters focus specifically on turning trash to treasure.  Ideas of what can be done on this front abound and wonderful things result.  Here is a crazy one.  A friend of my sister's, who was building an expensive home, had a penchant for the unusual and loved the trash to treasures idea.  She saw an old tuba at a garage sale for twenty dollars.  To say it was beat up understates the condition.  Wait for it!  Quite intentionally, the purchased tuba was run over a couple of times by a large cement truck working on their property.  The really interesting, polished, flattened tuba hangs as the most wonderful wall hanging in their game room!  Ok, perhaps one would think that is going too far, but trust me, it was so interesting and gorgeous. Furniture and furnishings refurbish from  super trash to treasure items.

How to Get Started Turning Trash to Treasure

First of all, just think creatively.  Take an item of interest or sentimental value and think of how it could fit in as a furniture or decorative item.  Then, know that there are entire groups out there dedicated to idea banks for doing so.  Home and Garden TV provides a plethora of ideas.  Inspiration comes from such shows as Picker Sisters.  Online blogs and websites exist for just the purpose of passing along creative ideas for turning trash to treasure.  My signature box lists a few of the possibilities on that front. Happy trash hunting!  All comments and ideas of furniture trash to treasure stories that you have are welcomed!