Rosslyn Chapel and Roslin Town

Rosslyn Chapel (made famous following Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code) started its existence in 1446 when, under the guidance and financing of William St Clare.

This was also around the time the main part of Roslin Town was built to provide housing for the Masons who built the Abbey.

Roslin is now a popular destination for tourists with an interest in Religion, Masonic History, Scottish History and walking.

This brief guide aims to ease the journey of people looking to enjoy what Roslin can offer.

Rosslyn Chapel

Travel Guide Rosslyn Chapel Scotland

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How do I Get to Rosslyn Chapel?

Rosslyn Chapel is situated in Roslin Town.

It is open every day of the year except Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, December 31st and January 1st.

The Chapel has a car park and is easily accessible.  

For those with Sat Nav the postcode is EH25 9PU.

You can get the train to Edinburgh Waverley if you are not starting in Edinburgh Town Centre and walk to the bus station (15 minutes at a slow pace).

There is no train station in Roslin itself so if travelling by public transport bus or taxi are the only options.

A taxi to Rosslyn Chapel from Edinburgh Town Centre should cost no around £25 (This includes a boundary charge of c£3.50)

The bus service to Roslin changes so always worth double checking but currently (April 2013) Lothian Bus is operating a service from Leopold Place in Edinburgh (beside the bus station) to Roslin.  It is the number 15 and stops at The Original Rosslyn Hotel - which is a 2 minute walk to the Chapel.  This costs £1.50 for each adult and takes around 60 minutes.

The 15 runs every half hour (every hour on Sundays) with the first bus leaving Edinburgh around 0530 and the last bus leaving Roslin around 1930.

Masonic Imagery - Inside Rosslyn Chapel

Masonic imagery - Rosslyn Chapel

Masonic Tourism

Masonic Tourism was poularised following Dan Brown's novel Da Vinci Code.

The Chapel itself does not provide tours but if you contact the chapel they will provide details of approved Masonic Tour Guides.

There is also a Masonic Lodge in Roslin - The Lodge Roslynn St Clair Masonic Hall (Lodge number 606).

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Walking Routes

Roslin remains very popular with walkers.

Many start and finish their journeys at the Original Rosslyn Hotel.  Not only convenient for the bus stop and the Chapel - this bar serves a decent food and watering for weary travelers and the forecourt is great (n a nice day!) for watching the world go by.

Roslin Glen is a very pituresque area incorporating forrestry, a river, panoramic views of local hills and the remains of Roslin castle.

Walking routes can cover a couple of miles right through to longer walks such as The John Muir Way which covers 70km from the Outskirts of Edinburgh to Dunglass.

The Pentland Hills are also nearby.

The Battle of Rosslyn

First War of Scottish Independence

The Battle of Rosslyn took place in 1303 where 8,000 Scots defeated an English army of 30,000 and invigorated new hopes of Scottish Independence.

The battle site is situated a 5 minute walk from Roslin Town on a country path towards Bilston.