romaniaRomania is considered by many to be the most gorgeous country in Eastern and Central Europe. Tourist attractions include quaint, mystical towns in Translyvania, world renowned painted monasteries in Bucovina and the breathtaking Danube Delta, prized by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) for it's extraordinary universal value.

Vacation experiences unique to Romania include a variety of arts, architecture, legendary castles and villages, in addition to exquisite cuisine and wonderful shopping. A camera is a must as well as a healthy appetite.

Major Cities and Regional Areas to Visit


Transylvania contains many of the most preserved medieval town of Europe. Citadel ruins and Old Saxon architecture within Brasov are a must see. Additionally, the pastel-colored homes and cobblestone streets of Sibiu are equally a sight to behold. The 14th century clock tower of Sighisoara is valued by it's intricate web of secret passageways. Hand-made art and fine antiques are also dotted along the streets and within specialty shops through this exciting area.


In the Southern region of Romania is the capital of Bucharest. The metropolitan are of this vast city expands approximately 587 square miles at an elevation of 200-300 ft. Known for it's wonderful Belle Epoque architecture and the gorgeous tree-lined streets, Bucharest is a huge city and yet earned the name, "Little Paris" in the early 1900s.

Legends are told that a shepherd traveling the banks of the Dambovita river played his flute joyously and his name "Bucur" was given to the city long ago. French-trained architects remodeled the city in the late 19th century presenting various neoclassical structures including the Arc de Triomphe, beautiful parks and the famous Champs-Elysees.

There are nearly 20 art galleries, 22 theatres, almost 40 museums and a plethora of concert halls, nightclubs and an exquisite opera house. Famous orchestras and other musicians frequent the Romanian Athenaeum, taking advantage of it's astounding acoustics.


Home to the Danube Delta, Dobrogea offers vacationers wonderful insight into the delta's vast waterways and abundant wildlife. UNESCO was quoted as dubbing this area a "Reservation of the Bioshpere" and the 150 mile coastline of the Black Sea has the most unique seaside resorts in Central and Eastern Europe. Countless species of fish, thousands of differing species of plants, birds and more are what bring visitors from around the globe.

Travelers are encouraged to visit the Dobrogea area by train and take in the lush landscape while preparing for the unique and delicious cuisine based mostly on the sea life from the delta. Be sure to visit the wonderful wineries, vineyards and fantastic museums that are also spectacular attractions.


Home of the fourth largest port in Europe, Constanta sits just west of the Black Sea. Legends speak of Jason and the Argonauts landing here subsequent to locating the Golden Fleece. History of Constanta is traced back some 2,500 years and was originally known as Tomis. Constanta is Romania's third largest metropolitan city and known for it's large economic center, old town theater and various archaeological treasures.

The Roman Mosaics, Ovidiu's Square and Genoese Lighthouse are special attractions definitely worth your time. Additionally, be sure to discover The Casino and The House with Lions for an outstanding view of the Black Sea as well as the unequaled architectural influences. Constanta is also home to the Aquarium, Dolphinarium and Romanian Naval Museum.

Travel Romania

Whether vacationing with family or on a romantic couple's getaway, Romanian offers a huge variety of scenery, tasty cuisine and breathtaking architecture. For a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience, be sure to add Romania to your list of considerations.