If you are a smoother lover, and like to have a smoothie on the run, then you may want to look into getting a travel blender. You have the convenience of making a drink, whether you are at work, on the road, in a hotel, no matter where, you can grab your ingredients out of a cooler, or just pick some up at the store, and be ready to make a smoothie anytime, anywhere.

Here are some of the best choices for a travel blender:

Hamilton Beach 51101 Single-Serve blender with Travel Lid

This is an excellent blender, will work best when you add the frozen items first, then the liquid and blend. The blades are in the cup, which is great to drink from on the go, except I wish it had a handle.

The jar twists and locks into place on the base, and comes with a travel lid which holds tight, no leaks at all. The cord conveniently wraps around th base. The cap has a smaller filler cap that can be removed to add more ingredients without removing the entire lid.

Coleman Rechargeable Portable Blender and Lid

This travel blender is for the serious blender user. This is such a great, full size, travel blender, and works just like your full size blender at home. If you love to have a nice cocktail on the river, or laying on the beach, you can with the Coleman travel blender. It's not quite as powerful as the blender at home, but my blender at home won't work out in the boonies either.

I am a smoothie lover, so this works perfect for me making smoothies when I travel. It is simple to use, and will make a pitcher full of frozen drinks, or smoothie in about 3o seconds. It will blend 20 to 30 full pitchers on one full battery charge. The pitcher locks into the base for easy and safe transport.

If you want a great travel blender for mixing protein or health drinks on the go, or while at the gym, then I recommend this one:

Mini Mixer 2-pk
This is great for busy people, allowing you to mix your drink on the go. This is also great for mixing baby formula easily and precisely, and cleanup is a breeze. This is also great for mixing eggs, or pancake batter. Features a spill proof cup, so you are on your way, ready to go with a very convenient travel blender.