London bicycle hire come as relief for individuals who make errands between different sections of London In fact, there is no better way of touring or navigating the streets, avenues and sections of UK’s most famous destination than using London bicycle hire. Most firms also provide free London guides to individuals who are visiting London for the first time and advice on which routes to take when biking.

Hire Bikes

It is quite cheaper to hire bikes and use them on a regular basis in London. Membership fee and charges are quite affordable and may average just £50 per year. You will be required to sign a hire agreement and pay for the first time hire using your debit card or credit card. Alternatively, some firms may also ask you for security if you can’t pay for the bikes using credit card.

Firms charge different rates for London bicycle hire but on average you may pay £20 for the first day and even much less about £10 for the subsequent hires for 2-3days. If you want to hire a bike for one week, you may pay £50 for the first week and £15 for the following 2-3 weeks. This scheme actually makes bike hiring quite affordable to people touring different areas of London.

Check the Hiring Firms

If you intend to use the bikes regularly, then membership and weekly charges are affordable amounts to many individuals who opt for this mode of transport. You only need to check out the firms which offer the bike hire services and determine whether their rates are affordable or whether they offer customized services.

Most London bicycle hire firms have bikes which covers the travel needs of individuals and groups. You can choose from a wide variety of bike such as touring bikes, electric bikes, kids’ bikes, and touring bikes owned by London bicycle hire firms. You can also get personal or customized service from the bike firms in London. So, you won’t fail to get the right size of bikes regardless of your, preference, body size or body weight.

Mobile Maps

If you have android or blackberry phones, then you should consider downloading and installing mobile applications and maps for just 59 pence. Once you install them, you can use the maps to guide you on docking stations in your journey. There are also online maps which you can use to identify docking stations in your area.


You may not really be sure of what to expect when you want to hire a bike in London. If you are concerned about the quality of services, then you should ideally check out review of present and past users to help you in your decision. You can also check out public message boards of different London bicycle hire firms which have websites.   For instance, the message board for Boris bikes where members get answers for their questions in real time. This may help you to see the pros and cons of different firms and decide on which bike schemes to use.