Travel cribs for infants are one of the most practical items that a traveling family can own. Going from one place to another with a tiny infant in tow is hard enough. Imagine having to worry about where the little one will sleep when you reach your destination. Families that have to travel with an infant can find a portable bed to be a real asset.

Travel Cribs For Infants Are Safe And Comfortable

Are these traveling beds really safe for small babies? Even though these beds are designed to be lightweight and easily portable, they are safe and sturdy to use. It is much safer than trying to sleep with an infant propped between two pillows on an adult bed. Not only will the child be free of danger from "rollovers", both baby and parents can get the comfortable rest they need overnight.

Portable Baby Beds Come In Several Styles

Searching online, I noticed two distinct styles of portable beds for infants and small children. One desigGraco Travel Lite CribCredit: www.overstock.comn mimics the look of a playpen that sits on the floor with mesh side panels and a soft mattress insert. These playpen-type beds can either come with open tops or with canopy tops like a cute little tent.This style sets up on the floor for sleeping or quick naps. It covers the baby from the sun and bugs during outdoor camping trips. The other style looks exactly like a real crib made in soft materials like the one pictured pictured here by Graco.

Travel Cribs For Infants Are Easy To Assemble and  Take Down

One of the best qualities of a travel crib is the lightweight design and portability. Some are even designed to slip into a backpack. This product fits easily into a car or a large piece of luggage for traveling. Many parents use them at home too. The manufacturers of these products are careful not to use exposed metal hinges or anything that might pinch a child.

Who Sells Cheap, Good Quality Infant Travel Cribs Online?

Depending on the type of portable bed you need for your baby, there are many different styles and price ranges online. One of the cheapest and affordable versions is the summer Infant Travel Crib that sells on This portable model is priced at less than $40 dollars and is perfect for vacation time. Graco is another reputable company that sells beautiful cribs for traveling in several different styles. I checked, but found their prices for portable baby beds higher than Toys R Us.