Romania is becoming more popular every year, especially amongst senior travelers. Romania is part of the European Union which has further helped the development of the country. The results of the development are noticeable and things have been getting better year after year. The country of Romania is very beautiful and there are a lot of interesting historical and traditional attractions we can visit. Here are a few great reasons to visit this intriguing country:

The Railways:

With your Eurail pass you are sure to take advantage of Europe's 4th largest railway network. You can reach every town and city, as well as many villages in Romania. Romania also features daily international trains to other centers of Europe, such as Prague, Munich, Venice or Vienna. The Senior Eurail Pass is perfect for travelers age 60 and over who want to explore Europe. There are several countries that let you take advantage of the Seniors Discount Eurail Pass and Romania is one that is known for its railways and beautiful scenery. The senior's discount for the Eurail pass in Romania starts with five days of train travel and is only available with a second-class pass.

The Natural Scenery:

Romania houses many stunning natural landscapes, with an extensive variety of wildlife to share with you. Here you can find wild bears, wolves, lynxes and beavers in the natural parks of Romania, a prime example being the Piatra Craiului Natural Park. If you are interested in bird watching take a tour of the Danube Delta, the largest wetland in Europe, where you can see hundreds of bird species, including wild egrets, gold eagles and Dalmatian pelicans.

Romania's Romantic Castles and Churches

While in Romania you will find yourself in the mythical Transylvania, famous for its associating with vampires and Dracula. What it has to share with you is its rich history and a rich assortment of medieval castles and fortresses that are sure to impress. You can only imagine the what it would have been like to live in medieval times as your tour the Knight's Hall of the Gothic Corvinesti Castle, one of the most beautiful and famous castles in Transylvania.

Romania also houses spectacular fortified churches, several of which are World Heritage sites. The Biertan Fortified Church offers breathtaking views from its towers. There are also the churches of Calnic, Darjiu and Prejmer are all equally worth visiting.

The Legend of Dracula

Transylvania is the home of the legendary Dracula, based on the real-life Vlad the Impaler, prince of Walachia. Bran Castle was the setting of Bram Stoker's Dracula, but Poenari Fortress was Vlad's actual castle. In the neighboring area you can find landmarks and discovery the intriguing history of Vlad.

Medieval Towns

You can take a step back in time to the middle ages as you tour Romania's well-preserved medieval towns of Brasov, Sighisoara and Bistrita. Brasov has a collection of baroque, gothic and renaissance architecture such as its Black Church and Council Square. Bistrita presents a row of remarkable merchant houses and Sighisoara is also a World Heritage site with its narrow, cobbled streets and impressive churches.