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Traveling can be challenging at times, long lines or long waits at an airport can be tedious, and long car rides can be boring. But you can make travel time a fun time for children with colorful and whimsical luggage. Why give kids old humdrum luggage when you can give them entertaining and vibrant pieces that will make traveling exciting. One company that specializes in playful and fun luggage for children is Travel Buddies. They make brightly colored, fun, and fully functional pieces for toddlers and children. So, if you're planning a trip soon and your children or toddler(s) will be joining you on this trek, take a look at the following luggage sets for children, they just might actually make travel time a pleasant experience.

Travel: Fun Carry-On Luggage for Children

Travel Buddies Luggage
Credit: Travel Buddies Luggage Facebook Page

Travel Buddies Luggage

These luggage pieces are by Travel Buddies and they even have their own Facebook page. Each set includes an 18" suitcase with wheels (5 lbs.) and a 13" backpack (1.5 lbs.). In addition, each set is brightly colored so you can spot them easily in a crowded airport or in the trunk of your car. The luggage comes with a hand carry handle and a retractable handle that can be adjusted for a child or adult. The back pack comes with a handle and child back straps. Additional features include;  a hard shell light weight design, zipper, compartment, and garment straps to help keep items organized, the backpack comes with an internal pocket, both are lightweight and easy for children to carry, plus the suitcase has wheels and is easy to roll.

Kids will love packing and unpacking, and they will have fun wearing their unique backpacks and pulling their luggage (with easy roll wheels) just like mommy and daddy! These children’s luggage pieces are so cute you will feel like you are packing your children’s toys in a toy. Children can roll the suitcase around and you can pack lots of playthings in the backpack for hours and hours of enjoyment. These pieces can keep a child’s attention during any long periods of downtime and that can make your travel time an enjoyable experience.

The following four Travel Buddies luggage sets are great for any child and they all make the perfect travel buddy.

Bright Buddies

Archie Alien

Travel Buddies Luggage Set, Archie Alien
Amazon Price: $89.99 $84.99 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 3, 2013)
This space creature is lime green with three eyes and a big smile that shows off his sharp and pointy fangs. But don't worry, Archie is a friendly alien who wouldn't hurt a fly. This set is perfect for the child who dreams about an adventure in space and meeting a friendly alien fellow. This brightly colored set makes the suitcase and backpack easy to spot anywhere.

Lola Ladybug

Travel Buddies Luggage Set, Lola Ladybug
Amazon Price: $89.99 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 3, 2013)
Lola is as cute as a bug, in fact she is a bug, a cute little ladybug. Bright red with black accents, Lola has a great big smile on her friendly ladybug face. Lola is one ladybug who is comfortable in or out of a garden and she will never fly away but will always be content traveling with your child. This luggage set is perfect for any child who likes being outside in the garden or the park and who has fun looking at all the different bugs.

Percy Penguin

Travel Buddies Luggage Set, Percy Penguin
Amazon Price: $89.99 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 3, 2013)
This pleasant little penguin is the perfect companion for a trip to the snow. Kids can pack their warmest clothes, scarfs, and snow toys in this cool penguin suitcase and backpack. But, Percy is a different type of penguin because Percy also loves the warm weather. So kids can take Percy Penguin to the beach, park, or anywhere! In addition, youngsters will enjoy showing their playful penguin set to all the other kids.

Pom Panda

Travel Buddies Luggage Set, Pom Panda
Amazon Price: $89.99 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 3, 2013)
Pom has big droopy eyes and a shy smile, this black and white panda is so lovable that teenagers and adults will also enjoy traveling with this precious panda luggage set. Just imagine taking this cute and cuddly panda bear along on a vacation, what fun! This panda set is charming and delightful, a must for all the panda loving kids (and kids at heart).

Tough Love

All four lovable character suitcases and backpacks are made of a sturdy material that can withstand hours and hours of rough play. In addition to being sturdy, these entertaining sets can hold a child's clothing, toys, travel snack, and other goodies securely and safely. But, because these bags are made for the little-ones in the family, they are all lightweight and easy to maneuver.  The suitcase has wheels that glide easily, so you can pack the heavier items in it, and the backpack is not heavy but is roomy enough for lots of fun cool toys, gadgets, and those all-important snack treats.

Amusing Adventure

So, if you are planning a trip soon, be sure to look into these sets for children. They are not only adorable but they are functional as well. Kids can fit lots of toys in their suit case and backpack. In addition, if you’re taking a car trip, you can pack the suitcase in the trunk of the car and your children can hold onto their backpack filled with goodies to keep them busy during the long ride. Make your next trip to grandma's or your next vacation an amusing adventure for the youngest members of your family by giving them entertaining and cheerful luggage sets by Travel Buddies Luggage.

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