Places for Fun

Places for shopping

Traveling during the hot summer days could be a hazard if you are not aware of the dangers. Heat from the highway will bake your tires, cause your car to over heat, and make the people in the car do the same.

When tires are hot they can become more susceptible to punctures and other road hazards. Driving for long stretches is not a wise thing to do. Plan your trip to take time for breaks to let your tires to cool down.

What I suggest is that you plan your stops to have fun. Along most of the highways you will find small towns and large towns and then there are the big cities. Each has something different to offer. When ever possible I take to the side roads. I have traveled with a pull camper and know that turning around can be difficult, but no impossible. The same holds true for large motor homes.

When you come to a small town you will probably see a sign telling you where you can find information about local points of interest. Tourism has become such a big industry that most towns with anything at all worth while seeing are spending big bucks to tell people about it.

So museums are a good bet in the small towns, so are old buildings, history and my favorite food specialties. Our country is full of history that no one ever heard. Unless you live in a state you rarely hear of any of the small town attractions. That is what makes stopping and visiting these off the wall places  so great. One thing is for sure when I avoid eating in the big franchise's. I want a taste of the local favorites.

What will you find in the museums? Art, History, novelties, local lore are just a few of the things I have seen. How about the largest roll of twine, or the largest man-made well, or the largest collection of barbed wire. These may not interest you but it might amuse the kids.

If you're lucky you may reach a town that is having a celebration or a fair. I know in Kansas almost every county has a fair and then there is always the state fair. There are rodeos, demolition derbies. (Ever seen Big Combines crash into one another?) Where there is a fair there is a parade and who doesn't like a parade?

If none of that interest you check out the local community theater. You don't have to go to Broadway to see great performances. The actors may never make it to Hollywood, but they always give their all. If you happen to be traveling during the school year look for local school activities.

If all else fails you can stroll through the local stores. If nothing else to get out of the heat. There is no written rule that says you have to buy something. Of course they always hope you will.

So have a safe journey, take the time you need, slow down and enjoy America.