You can choose from several types of travel insurance. It is important to consider what you would do if you suddenly found yourself in an unexpected situation. You could become seriously injured or very ill. You could end up in a situation where you could find yourself with an enormous medical bill. Or worse yet, you are stranded in a foreign country with no money to get home.

Listed below are various insurance packages:

Single Trip Travel insurance

A basic single trip policy (as the name implies) covers your family and you for a single trip overseas. A package with basic coverage includes paying for things such as charges incurred from flight cancellations, loss of baggage or other personal items, and medical insurance during your entire trip. Coverage varies by premium. By paying a little bit extra, you are able to obtain more and better benefits.

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

If you travel frequently overseas, it will make sense to opt for a multi-trip insurance. This plan is specially designed for those travelers that frequently go overseas, whether for business or pleasure. Some policies specify the number of trips that are allowed and have their own packages with preset coverage.

Long Term Travel Insurance

The long term package lasts from three months to as long as eighteen months. Long term travel insurance package is designed for those planning an extended stay overseas. It is suitable for those who wish to work overseas or study abroad.

Annual Travel Insurance

The annual travel policy is a combination of the multi-trip policy and the long term policy. You pay an annual premium and are covered for every trip you take oversees no matter how long you decide to stay each trip.

Medical Travel Insurance

This insurance includes coverage for such events as emergency medical evacuation, transportation home, transportation to a hospital, hospital stay, medical treatment and medication costs. Generally, it covers anything to do with health problems and accidents that may occur on your trip.

Additionally, compensation is provided for the insurer or beneficiary in case of accidental death, loss of sight, or loss of a limb.

Comprehensive Travel Medical Insurance

This insurance is for individuals who either have no health insurance coverage in genera or for people residing and working in another country other than their own place of citizenship for an extended period of time.

In summary there are many types of travel insurance available depending on you need. Look online for quotes.