This years Travel Photographer of the Year Exhibition has provided a whole host of stunningly memorable pictures taken in the last 12 months. The Exhibition, which took place in May of this year has now been running since 2003 in celebration of culture, photography and travel. The standard of competition is incredibly high with both amateur and proffesional photographers from around the globe entering. 

Here is a look at this years pictures, including the winner.


Photograph: Timothy Allen

Taken deep underwater in the South China Sea off the coast of the Philippines fisherman prepare to haul their catch to the surface. The fisherman are using long hookah pipes to breathe that reach 40m to the surface.


Photograph: Luke Duggleby

Taken in Thailand, this photograph catches a sacred moment within Buddhism when the thousands of monks have just recieved their orange robes and have become fully ordained. Here, they simultenously bow to the floor in the Wat Phra Dhammakaya temple.


Photograph: Matjaz Krivic

A spooky and almost fictional shot, this photo was taken in Yemen at a small village by the name of Shugruf. Taken just after sunset a thick mist has started to roll in from the nearby Haraz Mountains.


Photograph: Richard Murai

Another photo depicting a Buddhist monk although in a recognisably different environment. This lively dance, being performed in Bhutan is a traditional practice that has to be perfected over a long period of time due to it's precise choreography.


Photograph: Hans Kemp

In Vietnam a man rides his small motorbike home with his large catch - a shark.


Photographer: Jordi Cohen

Money is passed over on a 'tap-tap' bus in Haiti. The term 'tap-tap' is named after the tapping sound passengers make when they want the driver to stop.


Photographer: Eric Kruszewski

A large stretch of incredibly calm sea in Alaska is gazed upon by a solitary passenger on an expedition vessel.


Photographer: Eric Kruszewski

Another picture from Alaska this time a spectacular motion shot of a young brown bear hunting for salmon in the summer months.


Photographer: Tim Barker

A vivid shot of the reflection of a hot air balloon in a river in the Yarra Valley in South East Australia.


Photograper: Timothy Allen

A rather bizarre oppurtunistic shot by the photographer who stumbled across these tribeman in Papua New Guinea near a local singing ritual.


Photographer: Chase Guttman

A tropical bird sanctuary in Guatemala sees one parrot get particularly close to the camera lens as the self timer goes off.


Photographer: James Morgan

In Indonesia there is still a thriving community of those who live on boats. In this picture taken off the coast of Wangi Wangi islnd a yound boy plays with a small shark in his back garden.


Photographer: Kym Morris

In outer Mongolia a farmers wife commences the evening milking.


Photographer: Poras Chaudary

The relentlessly lively and vibrant Holi festival in India holds a tradition of throwing colored powder on revellers who attend the Hindu festival.


Photographer: Quintin Lake

A vast ice cap in Greenland is captured where four mountains can be seen rising up in the background. When this picture was taken it was just gone midnight in mid June.

And the Winner Is...


Photographer: Larry Louie

Whilst all the photographs are spectacular in their own way there can only be one winner. Here two children sit together on the steps of the Great Mosque of Djenne in Mali. The Mosque is the largest mud brick building on earth.