Who doesn't want the justification of running away from or to in the form of travel therapy? No matter what is going on in your life, there is a travel fix for it. It's like an addiction, you travel when your celebrating and you travel when your depressed - it doesn't matter if you just experienced a romantic break-up, a job loss, or you are dying, travel therapy trips are the solution!

Beach in New Zealand -NorthlandCredit: footloose

The author of Travel Therapy Where do You Need to Go? is Karen Schaler. She is an experienced traveler who has her own quote on the introductory page, "Take two vacations, then call me in the morning." The theme in the book is to go wherever depending on how you are feeling, or how are you feeling today? For instance, the chapter titled Reinvent is geared for the feeling of a needed change (same old same old doesn't cut it anymore). Whether you've already moved on from a bad scene or just choose to reinvent yourself, you should. She gives 3 options to help you decide which trip is best;

  1. Culture Shock - Unique destinations
  2. Table for One- Solo Travel
  3. Lesson learned - An old Dog Can learn New Tricks.

If you don't know which trip to research then you can take the short travel therapy quiz offered. Read your diagnosis for preferred trip and the sites offered under each option.

There are also Destinations To Avoid with each diagnosis. In the Reinvent chapter, two examples are:

  1. Places devoid of culture
  2. Couples only destinations.

Then, with each trip example there are suggested places to start researching hotels, safari camps, resorts, and other tourist information.

She also gives some great tips on foreign travel as well as important websites. One that is always vital is to check with CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) at the website www.cdc.gov. Another idea is to check in with the embassy in the country you are visiting (www.state gov.).

Another tip I can vouch for is to consider staying longer when traveling very far away. If you travel to New Zealand from the U.S.A., it is a very long direct flight from L.A. to Auckland (12 plus hours), so you may not want to make the trip too often. Instead, stay at least 2 weeks to save time and money, and really enjoy visiting a delightful country. It is a lot different from say, a hop across the pond to the U.K. which doesn't take as long to get to. Although, 2 weeks, in my humble opinion, is a good amount of time in any travel therapy destination. One may not desire to spend that long on a spa therapy trip, sometimes even a day at a spa is more than enough.

So, it all leads back to how you are feeling. The end of the book offers Travel Therapy Tools which is a wealth of destinations apropos for each chapter. The Pay it Forward chapter is great for those souls looking for a volunteer vacation. Some of the tools listed for this are; Habitat for Humanity, Ambassadors for Children, GoAbroad.com, and others, all with websites provided.

All in all, if you are looking for some terrific information about where to go according to how you are feeling, then read this enlightening book.