A Travellers' Checklist: Top Tips For UK Travellers

We all know that there are certain essential things that need to be sorted before embarking on your holiday abroad. From making sure your passport is still valid to getting adequate travel insurance. Here we provide some useful tips in the form of a checklist for UK travellers when going overseas.

  • Travel Insurance: Never leave without adequate travel insurance. It will give you peace of mind that if you get sick or injured abroad, your medical and trip costs will be reimbursed. You do not need to have your trip ruined by worry about what may happen. Investigate your options and choose the right travel insurance for you.

  • Passports and Visas: This is common sense but many people have tried to travel on passports which have just expired. Make sure you know exactly when your passport expires and take necessary steps in good time to renew. Also be aware that some countries will not allow entry if your passport has less than 6 months to run.

  • Guidebooks: Finding out about the customs and culture of the country you wish to visit can be a very rewarding exercise. It is always best to be prepared and to have full knowledge of local laws and customs.

  • Visit Your GP: If travelling to tropical regions, make sure to visit your GP at least six weeks before you go to find out what vaccinations are needed. Your doctor may also provide additional information on other necessary health precautions for particular destinations.

  • Copies of Passport etc: Always make sure to make copies of essential documentation including passports, travel insurance, ticketing information and any 24-hour emergency numbers. Leave this information with friends and family members.

  • Extra Cash: As well as finances for your trip, you should also carry some extra emergency cash. It is recommended to take traveller's cheques and other currencies i.e. US dollars and/or UK sterling.

  • Travel Organiser and Refunds: It is essential to check that your tour operator has a policy in place to refund or bring home travellers in the event that the company ceases to trade. Current economic difficulties have seen a rise in the number of bankrupt travel firms, leaving passengers stranded or losing money on trips that never take place.

  • Copy Your Itinerary: Make sure that you copy your full itinerary, detailing the contact numbers of accommodations you are staying at. If you are an active blogger or have social media accounts i.e. Twitter and Facebook, make sure your contacts can contact you through these media.

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