There are plenty of Austrian tours around the local mountains

Whether you are on a day long stop-over on a business trip or are spending a week in Austria as part of a family tour there will be something to do in this history rich and modern part of Central Europe. Austrian speaks the same language and their much larger neighbours to the north, Germany, but they have an entirely different culture. Like many European countries, Austria is host to wondrous mountain ranges and a chilly, snowy climate with clear blue skies a majority of the time. Vienna, the capital of Austria has been known as the cultural capital of Europe since the times of Ludwig Van Beethoven and the early 16th century. As such the city itself and surrounding areas are prime area of cultural exhibition and modern activities to partake in. Here are just a few day trip ideas and half day for anybody staying in Vienna or Austria;

Tour of the Austrian Schönbrunn Gardens
  • The Schönbrunn Palace And Gardens: In modern days, the palace is not functional as housing for any sort of monarchy, since the decline of the Austrian monarchy in fairly recent times. The palace now acts as a tourist attraction and a diplomatic meeting area for delegates and officials. The Palace and its surrounding areas are quite extensive and to go through the entire place would take at least more than half a day. The prime time to visit the palace would be in summer to fully enjoy the exquisitely maintained garden. 
Taken from a historical tour of Austria
  • The MUMOK (Museum of Modern Art): While in the culture capital of Europe it would be a shame not to entertain yourself with some of its artful delights. Art fans of every genre will have something to enjoy, the museum hosts pieces of cubism, pop art, photo realism, minimal art and expressionism in whole galleries. For the less cultured individuals, the museum can serve as more of a quick and quiet walk or part of a relaxing day away from strenuous hike and scenery watching. No matter the level of interest, a visit to the gift shop which hold various humorous and creative items is a good idea.
the Danube valley is great for those seeking a natural adventure
  • A Day Trip To The Danube Valley: The Danube River is the second longest river in Europe after Volga River. It crosses large European countries, one of them being Austria. If you are taking a tour to Austria then try and find one that includes a guided day trip to the river from Vienna as some of the most special services may need a hire. The trip to the Austrian part of the Danube River is in itself one of the most spectacular parts of the trip. In the Summer season, which is when you need to plan this tour and trip, the Austrian countryside is a scenic delight that is like something out of an impossible painting. The preservation of nature is only heightened by cloudless blue skies and a pleasant weather with typically little winds. A coach travel tour should also include a visit to the nearby Benedictine Abbey of Melk. That last activity you should be going on, and the main reason you should do this tour in Summer is the trip down the river on a small traditional boat piloted likely by a local.