Singaporean City Tour

Background And Culture

Singapore boomed in the in the early to mid 19th century as a British trading post and colony and gained significant success as a port for ships to China, India, Europe and Australia. With the increased employment opportunities many people from nearby the post migrated to Singapore to find work and raise their families. As a result, the native populations that mostly consisted of Malaysians were joined by a large number of Chinese and Indians that worked in the rubber plantation, mines and shipping business. From this the cuisine of Singapore is an exotic blend of spices and traditions of these cultures, making it a unique experience that any holiday package should focus on. If you are worried about a language barrier, this is not as much of a problem as around 80% of Singaporeans speak English, a relic of its British rule. However, the Singaporean version of English is very different from what you might speak and it does take a little getting used to.

Activities For Tourists And Those Travelling To Singapore

Here are some great ideas for those taking a leisure trip to Singapore or have a bit of time to spend there;

  • Visit the Singaporean Zoo or Jurong Bird Park: The Singapore Zoo is well run and a has a diverse selection of attractions and animals depending what is currently being promoted when you visit. Great for kids. More romantic is the Jurong Bird Park, which involves getting lose to a lot of different and colourful species and other more hand on activities like trying out being a falconer, for the more adventurous. For both of these activities you will want to visit either well before or just after midday as being outdoors in Singapore around this time can get very hot and humid quickly.
  • A day trip to Sentosa – the failed British fortress in World War II: The British had attempted to turn Sentosa, a small island to the south of Singapore into a military stronghold against the Japanese invasion, but this did not work as well as they hoped. Today the island is a getaway for locals as well as tourists in Singapore. You can get there by train, tram or a shuttle bus and travel around the island is free except for taxis. For adults the entertainment is more laid back, a few temples, spas and a gold club if you are looking for a relaxing day trip in Singapore, but most tourists will go to Sentosa for a go at the casino underneath Resorts World Sentosa. Here you can learn some the more uncommon Asian gambling games such as pai gow and tai sai.
The Singaporean Beach