The Garden of the Gods is a public park that is simply amazing and beautiful. This park is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado US. This park became a national natural landmark in 1971 and it was originally established in 1909. As soon someone enters this park it becomes a different world. A world of amazing tranquility and beauty. The first recommended travel advice for this park is to visit the welcome center. The welcome center is a “MUST" stop for everyone. After visiting the park in December 2015, I have decided to write an article for the next traveler. All the information provided in this article comes from me visiting the park, visiting the welcome center and reading signs throughout the park. 

Garden of Gods Nature Center
Credit: Arkuda Photography

Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center

The welcome center offers some history information about the park’s history. In the early 1900s, Charles Elliot Perkins declared his wish to his children that the Garden of the Gods should remain “forever free to all the people of the world.” In 1909, Perkins’ children made his intention a reality when they deeded the park to Colorado Springs. The nature center balcony offers an amazing and astonishing view of the Garden of the Gods Park. It also helps orient you to the rock formations. Some of the rock formations you can see are the gray rock, the south gateway rock, kissing camels rocks, north gateway rock, the pikes park mountain peak and many other natural landmark areas. You can pick up a map from the nature center or you can find a map sign once you start the trails.

Nature Center and Map
Credit: Arkuda Photography

Free Nature Walks

Guided walks depart from the North Main parking lot of Garden of the Gods Park. The hours of operation are daily at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm (weather permitting). The guided tours are free. The tour guides are presenting fascinating facts about wildflowers, rattlesnakes, gold-seekers and many other Colorado-themed topics. There are also Segway tours available that take you around the park. If you are a rock climber this is the place to rock climb, however climbers must fill out a free registration form before climbing in the park. Proper climbing equipment is mandatory. You can find out more information about the walks, Segway tours and rock climbing rules and regulations when you stop by at the nature center. 

Garden of Gods Trails
Credit: Arkuda Photography

Take a Step Back in History

The rock ledge historic site is also a must visit if you are there during the summer time. The ranch is located right across the nature center. It is only open in summers, June to Labor Day. Wednesday – Saturday, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. Admission prices are: $6 for adults, $4 for seniors and teens, and $2 children, age 12 and under. In 1871, General William Jackson Palmer founded Colorado Springs. In 1879, General Palmer repeatedly urged his friend, Charles Elliott Perkins, the head of the Burlington Railroad, to set up a home in the Garden of the Gods and to build his railroad from Chicago to Colorado Springs. Although the Burlington never reached Colorado Springs directly, Perkins bought two-hundred and forty acres in the Garden of the Gods for a summer home in 1879. Thus in 1909, Perkins’ children made his intention a reality when they deeded the park to Colorado Springs. How did this park get its name? Two surveyors started out from Denver city to look for a possible place for a new town. While exploring they came upon an amazing looking natural sandstone formation area. One of them suggested that it would a great place for a capital beer place for the gods to assemble and thus they called it Garden of the Gods even since. The area is an amazing 1334.64-acre regional park, and located at 1805 North 30th Street in Colorado Springs. 

Trails Garden of Gods
Credit: Arkuda Photography


For the photographer this is an ideal place to take great photos. It is the most amazing scenery of Colorado Springs. The Siamese Twins trail offers a unique view of the Pikes Peak rock formation. Also from both of the parking lots you can take great photos of Gateway and Balanced Rocks. For the active people there are miles of trails to explore. The easiest place to start any trails is from the main parking lot. The main trail offers concrete path ways that lead through the heart of the red rock formations. Weddings are also allowed at the Garden of the Gods park as long as they are brief ceremonies. 

Garden of Gods Red Rocks
Credit: Arkuda Photography


If you are visiting Colorado this is a must do attraction. It is about an hour drive from Denver and anyone can make it here. My advice provides only an overview of what this park is about and few things to do while you are there. Visiting this park will leave you a memory of a lifetime.