Wow, it is incredible how many times one can get lost by trying to trust your iPhone free GPS app or even trusting MapQuest from Google!  I have been sent over 60 miles out of my way in the past, and several of times my GPS and my iPhone App were too slow or confused with my request for directional information.

Traveling across town, across the country, or across the world, it is important that your navigation is accurate.  There are so many different ways to get around.  You can check the Atlas from Rand McNally, or the tiny map that your car rental company has given you when you fly into a city.  Or, you can use an electronic device.  Hopefully the device will be in the language you best understand so that you know that you are turning the right direction on the right street.

It is so funny to ask directions of locals.  Think about it.  If you are from New York City and you hit the road and travel to the Ozarks of Missouri, you are likely to find a person who tells you “go yonder about two or three miles until you get to Mrs. O’Malley’s farm, then take a u-turn onto that Y that hits just past Murphy’s Holler.”  You will be scratching your head.  Check your mental images at the door and find a very reliable GPS that will get you where you need to go without knowing Mrs. O’Malley or the holler down past the U-turn Y in the road.

Some GPS manufacturers have created maps that you can just plug in using an SD card.  These can even be upgraded through your computer!  They have maps for the United States and for the UK, and other parts of Western Europe.  It’s great to know that you can find where you are going and still have your senses about you.

I’ve never been to Europe, but I would love to go.  We like to drive around and see things, indicated by our Rand McNally Atlas in the car, but sometimes that can confuse a body with all those red and blue lines bouncing around in the passenger seat rider’s lap.  A GPS is a much better choice, especially if you can update your maps, and get around no matter where you travel.

If you shop around, many GPS companies will charge you a one-time fee to purchase the original map that can be downloaded on an SD card or DVD depending on your device.  Then, you can periodically update the map free of charge!  That is so much better than buying a new Atlas every 2 years to make sure you don’t find out that a free road is now a toll road, and you have no cash!

I can’t believe how many times I’ve driven across this country.  I’ve been all the way East, all the way West, all the way South and all the way North.  Most times I’ve driven, and those times when I flew, I got a car once I got to my destination.  Boy oh boy, I could sure have used a navigation device when I was driving around Lakeshore Drive in Chicago!  It was CRAZY!  The drivers won’t let you over for anything!  It’s like everyone is in such a huge hurry! 

I recommend a road trip.  It is beautiful to visit the countryside and amazing to see how high the skyscrapers are that practically scratch the surface of the atmosphere!  With the right kind of navigation, and I don’t mean granny with her inch-thick lenses and shaky hands, either!  Get yourself a GPS and travel the world!