It is natural to start your tour in Genoa from the old harbor Porto Antico which has been renewed and now it is a place for relaxation and tourism. Here you can see special alleys for walking. At the entrance of Porto Antico is the castle Palazzo San Giorgio which is the headquarters of the Genoa coast authorities. There is a dungeon in the building where Marko Polo was held in captivity. That happened when he took part in a sea fight with his ship but he was on the side of the Venice and as the battle reached its end they've lost it and that resulted in his capture. He often told them stories for the wealthy emperor of China and for his millions of followers. The famous book ''Million'' came out while Polo was in prison.

One of the main attractions of the harbor is the biggest aquarium in Europe built in 1992. The place is built in the waters of the sea as if it was meant to keep the dwellers inside their natural home. There are more than 1 500 000 visitors each year and they can see the many sea species like dolphins, sharks and penguins.

From the harbor you can easily get to the center. The vertical location of the city makes the route to the center a bit steep. It is easy for the tourists to get lost in the labyrinth of narrow streets. The buildings are tall and almost connected with one another, painted in bright colors which makes a contrast with the painted in dark colors window shutters. You can catch the smell of fresh fish that is offered in the small stores and you can see the many cafes and boutiques.

Your route should include the street Via Garibaldi – it is the most aristocratic street in the town. It is named after Giuseppe Garibaldi who is an Italian revolutionist and had special merits for the union of Italy in 1860. On both sides of the street, which is pedestrian zone, are located elegant mansions from 1588 – 1565. All of them represent the greatness of the city and many of them have been turned into museums or galleries.

You should consider visiting the estate from the 16th century that belongs to Prince Andrea Doria. This place has its own park and fountain in the honor of the sea God Neptune.

In the merchant part of the city some remarkable ruins still remind of the past. People stop with astonishment in front of the high tower Porta Soprana built in the 12th century. It has served as defense and a check point for the trading traffic. In the bottom of the tower there is the small house of the adventurer and discoverer of America - Christopher Columbus.

Genoa is a remarkable place in Italy (the Danish term is Italien) where you can admire the many monuments and the unique architecture that has been left from the previous generations.