Where To Find Free Airfare

Travel For Less

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There is nothing more exciting than getting something for free. Especially when that something is airfare. We all love the thrill of a vacation for little or no money spent.When I was very young, I wanted desperately to see the world. Every opportunity I got, I would read about travelling to far off destinations. I used to tell my mom "When I grow up I'm going to become a professor and move to England." I would dream of seeing the castles, Big Ben, and jetting off to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, Italy, Egypt, and many other exotic locales.

Unfortunately, my parents were one of the poorest families in the city. My dad and mom both worked hard, but a had a series of setbacks that would crush anybody.

 I oftentimes would be teased because of my second hand clothing or my family's home on the poor side of town. Being from a small town, everyone knew of your poverty and situation. I was very shy as a child so that didn't help.  As I grew older, I promised myself that I would indeed see the world and travel. As I began my journey, I came to realize, that there are many ways to travel for free or at a deeply reduced rate.


There are many opportunities to get free airfare if you are willing to sign up for credit cards. Many airlines such as Delta, American, Alaska, Frontier  to name a few. Oftentimes, once you receive their card, and make your first purchase you will receive your free flight points or voucher. Several credit card companies offer free airline miles with your purchases. Currently, Citi Platinum Select  Advantage World MasterCard offers 30,000 bonus miles after your first $1000 purchase. Frontier Airlines World MasterCard is offering up to 50,000 bonus  miles after two qualifying transactions. This is enough for 2 domestic round trip award tickets! The Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard offers up to 35,000 bonus miles after you spend a $1000 in the first 90 days of having their card. There are many more offers like this on the web. Search free airline credit cards and you will see how many there are.

Business Owner?

If you are a business owner you can qualify for all of the above cards and often be able to get a second offer for your business travel! Double bonus!

After  the Credit Card Offers

Once you have used up the free credit card offers, many airlines offer miles towards travel once you use their cards to make purchases. Look for the card that has the lowest interest rate and the highest offer of miles per dollar spent. If you are good about paying off your credit cards each month, put your regular monthly bills on auto pay through your credit cards. you will have plenty of airfare money with this method. Currently, I have three trips to Hawaii available and enough points in several accounts to have airfare for at least two more trips for my whole family.

Companion Airfare

Several sites such as Delta and Alaska Air offer what they call companion Airfare. With your paid annual fee, many credit cards issue a companion ticket for a small fee with the purchase of a regular price ticket.  I know some airlines will allow you to use points to pay for the regular airfare which can make the ticket very inexpensive.

Book Online

When booking airfare there are fees charged when you book through travel agents or through the airline. If you book online, you will avoid those extra fees. Just be careful if you are booking your self. Check and double check statistics so that you aren't accidentally booking the wrong date or are not leaving your self enough time for connecting flights.

When is the Best Time to Book Travel?

If you don't have points or certificates of free travel, there are still ways to save on your airfare. Studies have shown that it is best to book your travel 3-6 months in advance. Also try to get the first flight out, these are usually lower cost and since it is the first flight, the airlines will probably be leaving on time. Wednesdays after 12:00 also seem to provide better rates for flights.

Be Flexible

There are many opportunities for"extras" if you are willing to be flexible. When booking travel, try inputting different dates for travel. most sites will have a box you can check if you can be flexible. Each box usually gives you the options of 1-4 days of flexible dates you are willing to travel on. The flexible traveler can score better deals than a traveler who is not flexible.

Another way to score freebies is at the airport. When you arrive at your gate, listen very carefully to the agents. Oftentimes the flights have been overbooked and they ask people to volunteer to bump their flight for a later one. In return for accepting the later flights, the airlines will usually offer free flights, meals and if it involves an overnight wait, a possible hotel stay. I have had many of these offers myself and have had many family members and friends who have received similar offers. Another option would be to offer your seats to the agent in advance. This way, she has your information and will call your name if they need your seats. I would highly recommend that you sit very near the airline hostess desk. There are often many travelers who are looking for the same deal.

Automate your Search

Sign up on Kayak, Orbitz, Priceline, Expedia, Travelocity or another travel site. They will monitor flights for you and send you notification of price drops on your destination. Keep a good eye on these, I have saved hundreds of dollars on one ticket by knowing what typical rates are. I have an alert sent to my cell phone so that I can act immediately if the right offer is presented.

In conclusion, the offers are out there! Take the time to look and you can save some serious dough! Happy travels!