Travel tips to decrease costs and live like a millionaire


Many people would like to have a millionaire lifestyle. However what they do not realize is that in order to live this lifestyle, you really do not need millions on the bank. This lifestyle can be achieved right now with some planning of purchases and other expenses. Buy Tim Ferris’s book, The Four Hour Work Week, for more tips on achieving financial freedom (or read my other articles, here on Info barrel.)  The purpose of this article is to give some practical tips to reduce travelling costs, so it becomes even easier to achieve that millionaire lifestyle.

1. The power of being together

Finding a place to spend the night is going to be the highest cost in the endeavor of travelling the world. Therefore, it is cheaper to travel with someone you know.  So you can divide the rent.

Furthermore it is wise to choose a hostel if you are low on cash. The website is an excellent aid in this. You will also find some cheap 1-2 star hotels with this website. If you have the ability to find a friend, 2 bed private rooms are much more reasonably priced.

2. Choose your alliance

When you fly, use sites like priceline and kayak to look for the cheapest flights.  However there are some things to keep in mind.

There are various alliances that comprise the entire airline industry. If you sign up for one specific airline, you actually get credit for flying on any airline in that alliance.

Make sure to get a credit card with your program as well.  You usually get 20,000-60,000 bonus miles simply for joining, and between that and flying on your airline, free trips will add up quickly.

Also realize there is a difference between Redeemable Miles and Elite Qualifying Miles.  RDMs can be used to redeem for free flights and upgrades, but not to build elite status and the perks that come with it.

3. Fitness

Travelling the world is no excuse to stop exercising three times a week and eat unhealthy. When you arrive in a new city, immediately look for a gym with a free 3 to 4 days trial.  If this isn’t an option, you can also sneak into the gym of a 4 or 5 star hotel in the neighborhood. These kind of expensive hotels often have good gyms, and most of the time they are not guarded in some sort of way.

Dieting is a challenge too on a world trip. It is recommended to take a lot of supplements with you. If you can’t eat fruit on a particular day, for example, then you can take a Goji berry concentrate instead in order to reach your daily dose of antioxidants.  

When trying to maintain a low-carb diet, such as the Paleo Diet, it is recommended to visit Subway often. The salads there are excellent and Paleo Diet proof.