Cyprus, the island of love.
Many people underestimate Cyprus. Saying that, many people don't even know where Cyprus is.

Cyprus is a small island (the third largest) in the Mediterranean Sea. It is known for it's tropical climate and the summers there usually last for ten months a year. The two months left for the rest of the seasons are usually moderately cold winters with snow on the mountaintops and rain all over the island. Skiing is usually a favourite winter activity on Mt. Troodos (the highest peak of Cyprus).

On the other hand, summer is the most 'happening' time of the year. HOT Sun, HOT Beaches, HOT People on the beaches, and a very HOT Night-life scene!

Pafos is one of the most tourist-friendly towns of the island, with Ayia Napa coming in closely second, then Limassol. Larnaka and Nicosia just weren't cut-out for tourism. Due to the hectic lifestyle in Nicosia and the...empty lifestyle of Larnaka.

Pafos is on the South-Western coast of the island. Know for its air of calm and relaxation during the day and hectic, wild night-life, by night. Although Pafos is a small town of Cyprus, hospitality is one of its oldest and preserved traits and there's lots to do, all the time. A typical day-time activity could be visiting the archaeological sites which are abundant in this town. Some of them are the 'Tombs of the Kings' and the Medieval Castle, or the Ancient Mosaics, which are still in the ground exactly where they were made hundreds of years ago. Or you could drive up to 'Aphrodite's Rock', rumoured to be where the Goddess Aphrodite herself entered Cyprus, walking through the froth of the sea. The 'Baths of Aphrodite' where myth has it that whoever bathes under the waterfall and in the pool will have eternal youth bestowed upon them. People usually just wash their faces with the water. And last but not least the 'Adonis baths' again have historical and mythological meaning. A typical night in Pafos can be whatever you choose, whether you're in the hectic bar and club partying mode or the peaceful stroll along the promenade mood. You can also try the many wine tasting places throughout the town some even open at night.

Ayia Napa is a summer resort in the non-occupied Famagusta area. Closed during the winter months, Ayia Napa offers a wild night-life scene, which can sometimes get out of hand. Ayia Napa is popular to the locals for the heavenly (not an understatement) beaches, buzzing bars during the HOT summer nights and the friendly people. That's about it.

Limassol is the second largest city of Cyprus which accommodates around 110,000 (local) occupants. The tourist life there almost as much as in Pafos. The long strip of sandy beach along the promenade has been re-vamped with bellowing palm trees and wooden kiosks and sunbeds to just relax in the hot summer months.

Nicosia, is the capital city of Cyprus. Also one of the five main non-occupied districts (Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaka, Pafos, Famagusta). It is the base that literally 'powers' Cyprus. Nicosia is the miniature version of New York, London and Rome (VERY MINIATURE VERSION). Very non-touristy, but not obnoxious to tourists. There's just no tourist areas because there's no's in the middle of the island! If I were a tourist here...I'd want sea!