Check out the many attractions of Kimba in South Australia

 The town of Kimba is a great place to stay as it is halfway across Australia as the crow flies. Travellers can explore the eastern gateway to the outback of the Gawler Ranges from Kimba which is a 100km drive to the North West.

In 1872 pastoral leases were granted and the first crops were planted in 1908, which gave South Australia the reputation of being one of the main grain growers.

On entering the town you will see the statue of a large pink and grey galah outside the gem store next to the half way across Australia sign.

Kimba has all the essentials needed for the traveller or for those looking for somewhere to put down roots.  They have a hospital, supermarket, library, police station, variety of accommodation a TAFE and a variety of clubs to suit young and old alike.

The Gums Free Camp Site
The gums Recreation Reserve has clean toilets and barbecue where you can park your caravan overnight.  As the town supplies this service free of charge it would be appreciated if the travellers returned the favour by spending a few dollars in the town to support the local businesses.

Lions Apex Central Park
This camping overnight area also has toilets, barbecue, and picnic area next to the swimming pool.  It would be appreciated if you left a donation to help with the upkeep of this service.

Visitor Information centre
Call into this centre and chat with the friendly locals on what to see and where to go. You can also book accommodation at other centres to be assured of somewhere to stay overnight especially in busy school or holiday times.

Grey Nomads-Kimba has a national project assimilating Grey Nomads into the community volunteer life through contribution to community projects in return for good old country hospitality

Tourist Attractions
Kimba town tourist walk- is a 3km stroll or drive featuring historical photos. This begins at the Old post office and finishes at the Soldiers Memorial Institute, giving you a glimpse into the history of Kimba.

Lake Gilles- Enjoy some of the 79,000 hectare parkland and mallee landscape of salt lakes and gypsum dunes.  Accessible only with 4WD vehicle and see the Kangaroos and mallee fowl and a variety of bird life.

Kimba Historical Museum- See the historical buildings dating back to 1908. Pioneer house, school, water display and farming and transport.

Kimba Community Hotel- This hotel was originally constructed in 1924 and was shifted stone by stone and railed 160kms from Yeelanna near Cummins in the south.
The have a coffee shop, or you can have a drink in the shed.  You could also spend a night in the 4 star early settlers or old post office suites.

Plus this great hotel also has backpackers and standard family rooms priced to suit every ones budget. Added to this if you are feeling lucky they have several poky machines and while there you can also buy your lucky lotto tickets.  Therefore they can accommodate nearly all your needs in one place. What more could you ask for?

Surrounding Attractions

Caralue Bluff- A 27km drive west of Kimba with easy access to the bluff. Great place for a picnic and observe the wild flowers and native fauna while enjoying a bush walk.

Don't miss the  many other beautiful sights to see in the Gawler Rangers National Park area which can be seen from other surrounding towns of Wudinna, Minnipa, and Kyancutta. Some of these are Policeman's Point, Kolay Mirica Falls and Nukey Bluff.  Kyancutta also has a free overnight camp spot behind their general store.

When travelling around Australia do not be in too much of a hurry.  Many accidents are caused by speed and remember it is the slower traveller that get to see all these beautiful places that other travellers miss.  

Anyone can say they have done the loop driving right around Australia but how much have they actually seen. I spoke to one traveller who said they did it in 3 months.  We spent 14 months going around a few years ago and still only saw half of this beautiful country.  So take your time and enjoy yourself and live to wake up to another bright sunny day.

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