Caprian Monastery

Moldova is a hidden gem landlocked between the Ukraine and Romania. A long history full of hostile occupation led to the eventual absorption into the Soviet Union. The early 90s found the Republic of Moldova newly freed and ready to reinvent itself as a wonderful tourist destination. The new independence makes travel to Moldova easy to achieve and a wonderful destination for wine lovers, history buffs, or anyone looking to travel a bit off the beaten path. Travel to Moldova offers wonderful glimpses into a world where life is a bit gentler and slower, but just as fulfilling as anywhere in the world.

Beginning a trip to Moldova requires no more preparation than any other European vacation. Moldavian airlines fly in and out of the modern Chisinau International Airport located in the largest city (and capital) of Chisinau. Once off of the flight to Moldova, it is easy to navigate the countryside with ease on a well built highway system and also a well run train system. Car rental is affordable and traffic is generally light. This is a great country to drive and enjoy the passing countryside.

Moldova is boosting tourism with a primary draw of its wine industry. Moldovan wine industries export to the entire world. Milesti Micii is home to the world's largest wine cellar and boasts some two million bottles! Other great cities with vineyards include Romanesti, Cricova, Purcari and others. No matter what your flavor or preference in wine, it is certain that Moldova has a bottle for you.

In addition to the wonderful wine country and scenic countryside views, any plans to travel to Moldova should include trips to the many ancient and historical monasteries. Besides the beautiful monasteries from the 16th and 17th centuries like Capriana, Hancu and Noul Neamt there is a truly amazing 13th century monastery in Ohreiul Vechi carved into the side of a limestone cliff! This amazing and spiritual place dubbed the Cave Monastery attracts visitors from all points of the globe. The grand scale and impressive architecture will bring out the spirituality in even the most cynical traveller.

Hotels in Moldova are accommodating but no nonsense and with few frills. The economy of Moldova is one of Europe's poorest, but the prices of lodging, food and travel are surprisingly high. The prices are roughly similar to travel in Romanian. It is possible to find rooms in bed and breakfast type establishments at a more affordable rate. This is also a better way to interact with the locals and learn more about this great country.

Though not a household name, travel to Moldova can be an enriching experience. Friendly locals, quaint villages, wonderful wide open countryside expanses and some of the world's best wines make Moldova a popular destination for those adventurous souls who are willing to travel more openly. The architecture, history and scenery make the Republic of Moldova a top travel choice and a unique experience. Moldova is small enough to get to know, but large enough to expand any traveler's horizons!