Pic de Bugarach on December 21st, 2012

Pic de Bugarach will be a popular place on December 21, 2012. Many people believe the mountain in southern France is home to a fleet of alien spacecraft.

When Armageddon strikes and the end of the world is upon us they believe the aliens will rescue a select group of humans and tPic de Bugarashake them to a safe location where they can rebuild the human race.

Some reports suggest up to 100,000 people will make the pilgrimage the area just before Christmas, so advanced planning is crucial for anyone planning to be there.

Here are some tips to get you started on your journey.

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Pic de Bugarach, 11190 Bugarach, France
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Paris, France
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Marseille, France
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Barcelona, Spain

Travel Tips

Marseilles and Barcelona are the the two major centers closest to Pic De Bugarach, but Paris will have a larger selection of rental vehicles. Barcelona is a relatively short drive, but if international borders are closed you wont be able to get into France.

The actual village of Bugarach has a population of under 200 people so don't expect to find a hotel or motel in the area. The best bet is to rent a small camper or motor home.

The earlier you book, the better the rates. That's also true of air travel as it gets closerCamper Van to Christmas.

Last minute travel into the area is not recommended. The French government has said it may cordon off the area around Pic De Bugarach if there are too many people.

They are worried about the negative impact on the small communities in the area. They are also worried about the spectre of mass suicides.

If you've always wanted to tour Europe this is a great time to do it. Arrive in late fall and travel to all the places you've dreamed of. Make sure to cross the border back into France by early December.

What To Bring

Even if only a small percentage of the expected pilgrims arrive at Pic de Bugarach by December 21st if will still put a large strain on the small rural communities near the mountain.

It's important to be fully self contained. Make sure you have a supply of non-perishable foods that will last several days. Keep some cash on hand for emergencies.Survival kit(93323)

Invest in a good first aid package or survival kit.

The mountain will be cold in late December so be sure to pack clothes that work well with layering. Don't forget good rain gear.

If you wake up on December 22nd, and the world is exactly how it was you'll have the memories of a long European vacation, some new and interesting new friends and a remarkable story to pass on to future generations.

Have a safe trip.