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Whether you are planning for a vacation abroad or planning to travel indefinitely like me, there are several things you must consider before embarking on your journey. When my husband and I decided to drastically change our lives by traveling the world indefinitely we had many things to consider. What would we do with all the stuff that we had and would no longer need? What things would we now need that we didn’t currently have? The list of questions was long and the ‘to do list’ was even longer. In the midst of selling everything we could and buying the supplies we anticipated needing we lost sight of one very important tool that I would recommend you purchasing. Two days before we were set to board a plane to Panama to backpack through Central and/or South America I started thinking about the probability that we would not always have easy access to drinking water. After a little online research I learned of the difference between a water filter and purifier, the latter being more important and thorough. The price difference made it rather clear that a purifier, which costs $99, was more effective than the $9 filter. Water filters are to remove large sediments and debris from water, whereas a water purifier uses a UV light to kill microbiological bacteria that are harmful to your body. My research led me to the only purifying water bottle that I believe is a traveler’s must have: The Camelbak All Clear Purifying Water Bottle.

When You Will Need It

As you travel throughout the world you will quickly learn how lucky and privileged you are to normally have easy access to drinking water. On my first trip abroad to Panama we traveled to Bocas Del Toro. A beautiful collection of islands on the Caribbean Sea, Bocas Del Toro is a tropical paradise. However, one of the first things we learned was that the faucet water was not drinkable. Our host warned us of the issue and suggested we boil water first if we wanted to drink or cook with it. When you travel you may find yourself in a similar situation where your only options are constantly boiling or buying bottled water. This is not only annoying and expensive, it is unnecessarily bad for the environment. Instead of heading to the store or boiling water on the stove every time we needed to cook, we simply used our All Clear Water Bottle. Living on the islands for three months we used this CamelBak bottle nonstop and never experienced any of the stomach virus type symptoms we witnessed many people fall victim to. If you have this CamelBak bottle you will also be able to save time and money by having your very own water purifying system.

All Clear
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How It Works

Although it is a very complex system to purify water, the CameBak All Clear Water Purifying Bottle, makes it very simple. The purifying system comes with several parts, the bottle (with regular cap), a purifying cap (with case) and a charger that connects the purifying cap to a computer to charge the battery. Before traveling you will want to make sure the purifying cap is charged, it takes less than an hour and one charge lasts for up to one month. Next you can pack everything up until you are ready to use it. Once you need to use the purifier you will take the regular cap off of the bottle, fill it up with water and screw on the purifying cap. Next you will press the power button on the purifying cap until the UV light turns on, shining throughout the bottle. Then you will rotate the bottle 180 degrees back and forth, moving the water throughout the bottle in a consistent motion for 60 seconds. Once the necessary time has elapsed the UV light will turn off on its own. Simply press the power button again to turn the purifying cap off and store it back in its case. Now you have safe drinking water no matter where you are. This is extremely necessary for travelers and should even be purchased for short-term vacationers. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry when you’re in an unfamiliar environment and unsure about the health safety standards.

Camelbak All Clear Purifier Bottle (750ml/25oz, Pure Blue )
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