Travelers flock in springto Western Australia to see our beautiful wildflowers from all over the world. We have up to 12,000 different species unique to this part of the world. The wildflower season is a definite draw card to see these precious flowering plants. Thousands of caravaners travel from the eastern states especially to capture these beauties in their cameras.

The weather will depict the timing of the time of year best to see this beautiful display of color. Lack of rain and sunshine can either delay or encourage early blooms. In the north west of Australia they could start to appear anywhere from between July to as late as November in the South West. Different areas produce different species of these wonderful blooms.

Northwest wildflowers

There is an abundance of red color in the Pilbara area with the Sturt Pea it literally grows everywhere in the dry unforgiving ground. Different weather elements decide the type and profusion of any wildflowers growing in the West.

Drive yourself Wildflower trails

Anyone can go to the tourist bureaus and obtain maps of the best places to drive to these various trails. Many areas will have different opportunities to see a variety of types of wildflowers. There are literally thousands of trails that you can drive yourself and park your cake and take a leisurely walk with your camera to take memorable photos of these truly beautiful flowers.

Wildflower bus tours

If you prefer not to drive, then you can book a designated bus tour to see specific types of wildflowers in different areas. Some consist of 1 or 2 day tours with overnight stays.

Everlastings- these are often called paper flowers. They come in pink, white or yellow and can also be dried out and kept in a vase for months.

Orchids- There are many types of orchids. There is the donkey, spider, vanilla, cowslip, pink fairies, jug, rabbit and bird orchids to name a few.


Banksia- These look great in a vase with other greenery. There is the woolly, scarlet, acorn, scepter, cut leaf and firewood banksias.


Bottlebrush- These come in vibrant colors. The most common are the swamp and Albany bottlebrush.


Kangaroo Paws- The best of these are the red and green although you can now buy them in the garden centers in many other colors, like black, yellow and green.


Leschenaultia- These look beautiful in both red and blue leschenaultias.


Christmas tree- This is a must see and is usually always out in bloom for the celebration of our Christmas.


Australian Wildflower seeds

If you have seen the pictures of some of these beautiful wildflowers and would love to buy some wildflower seeds to grow them in your own garden then depending on your area you can buy the seeds online. You can buy them in packets of mixed varieties or a specific type of your choice. Remember to read what type plant will grow best in your area.

Wildflower Plants

You can also buy these beautiful plants from your local nurseries or local plant store. Or if you do not have a local garden center near you then go onto the internet and buy your wildflower plants online.

There is no reason to miss out just because you do not live in the cities to be able to purchase some of these beautiful wildflowers. Planting beautiful native plants in your gardens also cuts down on the use of water.


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