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Since this is the season that most people are taking vacations, there will be an abundance of pets traveling as well. It can be a difficult thing to travel with a pet. It may be even more difficult for the pet though. This is why you should be careful to find the safest and most comfortable ways to give your pet the best journey.

 Even if the animal is not anxious in the car, it’s important to make sure your dog or cat is secure. If you were to get into an accident, the pet would likely get hurt. There are many options to secure your animal from crates to harnessed seats while your traveling.

 If the animal is a very nervous one in the car, they may be even more anxious on a plane. Look into herbal pet calmatives. Your vet can give you some good recommendations. One of the best herbal calmatives for this kind of nervousness are pet specific herbal supplements, but always check with your vet first. Most of these kinds of supplements have a mixture of valerian, chamomile and St John’s wart in them.  Sedation should be avoided.


travel with your pet

 Airlines do have some regulations on behalf of pets such as cats and dogs. Most require that they have an adequate kennel for their size and that they are clearly marked. They also must have good ventilation, on both sides. Animals that travel as cargo on airlines must have food and water, as it is required to feed them if it’s a long trip. Some airlines are more pet friendly than others. Smaller pets may be allowed (for a fee) to remain with its owner.

  The best kind of crate for your pet especially while traveling is one that they can stand up and move around in. This way if he or she gets antsy they will at least be able to stretch. If it’s not that long a trip in the car, you should just have a water container so they can have a drink.

 When you get to the end of your trip make sure you have a leash or harness ready for your dog or cat as they may be over anxious to run out in the open. They will need a good stretch of their legs and a potty break. Be sure they are in your utmost control as they may have some anxiety from the trip.

 Last of all, if you plan on taking your cat or dog abroad with you; make sure all their shots are up to date. You will need proof of this to enter into other countries. It is best to have these shots to protect your pets, especially if you are going abroad.

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