How to Travel in Thailand


Whether its your first time in the City of smile or you've been there enough times to feel as comfortable as a sou dog on the streets of Thailand there are tons of ways to get around. The best thing to do is once you figure out where you are staying WRITE IT DOWN. If you plan on checking out the nightlife in Thailand, which you really should, then you'll need that with you after you sucked back a few Chang beers.(beer song quart is how you ask for 2 beers in Thai)


The most familiar and arguably safe way to get around is your friendly neighborhood taxi drivers. If you're from America you will laugh when they driver asks you for 120 bhat or roughly 3-4 dollars. Taxis are generally very cheap and even though I stayed at a pretty out of the place in Thailand I never payed more than 8 dollars for a taxi. When in doubt just hop in a taxi and tell them the place where you stay, but be warned these guys think they are driving in NASCAR so you'll more than likely make it home safe if a little shaken by the ride.


Feeling a little adventurous then might I suggest the motor taxi now you're talking fun hop on the back of a motor taxi and tell him where you're headed. They usually charge about a 10th what the taxi drivers cost, and go faster and bob in and out of traffic. This is not a mode of transportation for the feint of heart. These guys, like the taxi drivers, get payed to get people to where they need to be and quickly so hold on tight.

bussun taoskytrain

Now if you know a decent amount of Thai you can take the buses or even a sun tao, which is very similar to a shuttle. Also, if you really know where you are heading take the subway to get you where you need to go. So now that you know how to get around lets to about spots you have to hit. You haven't gone to Thailand if you haven't visited the Grand Palace. This place is beautiful and just full of heritage. Once you've hit up the Grand Palace I suggest visiting a floating market. Thailand used to be all underwater a couple hundred years ago. There are still places you can go to see floating markets and it certainly is a different slice of life.