Time Travel vs Time and Travel

I'm a traveller at heart, of that I'm certain. Not much else is as solid a thought these days. Traveling on the horizon is and has always been a feeling of promise for me. The promise that there's time and room for clarity of thought up ahead. 

There's a common belief that to be present, matters most. That the "here and now" is all there is. If I was capable of applying that thought each day, I can see how it would make a world of difference. Instead, I confess, travel makes an anxious man like myself, rest easy and for the most part, sleep well. 

It's no coincidence that my passions and my work, see me traveling. Not often enough in recent years but often nonetheless. 

Imminently, I shall be visiting Osaka, Japan for the first time. This will be one of very few trips overseas (from my adopted home of Australia), that is not work related, in quite some years. I was however, in Nashville, Tennessee, only two months ago, so I've had my travel needs satisfied in the not too distant past. Again, it was work related but I tense up whenever I refer to my songwriting career as "work". 

Osaka will be an altogether new experience for me. Having never visited Japan before. I have the wonderful feeling of excitement about seeing an entirely new country and experiencing a wildly different culture for the first time. I'm yet to research thoroughly but that actually feels good too. I know I'm interested in getting a good taste of the ancient, if possible. Temples, architecture, religion and maybe even a first time visitor's insight into the fascinating Samurai people and the history of their cause, their art and their beliefs. I admit to knowing very little. 

I was also fortunate enough to travel to Thailand last year for the first time.I stayed in the north near the old capital, Sukhothai and I made the most of my short time there. I learned much about the people and the country's past. Most interestingly, I discovered a distinctly friendly nation of smiling people. The thought that they were smiley and friendly shouldn't be a rare find but somehow, it did strike me at the time as being so. I learned bits and pieces of the language and I could ask for beer and directions. Two essential skills for any traveling person!

What do I hope to return with from my trip? I actually have a more interesting question which I feel applies more, to me, at this stage in my life: What do I hope to return without, from my trip?

I'm looking at this trip as a time for growing, healing, soothing, remembering who I used to be before I became an anxious person with days full of questions and worry. Perhaps the present is all there is and I need to give it a shot. Maybe I'll learn a new skill or two? Maybe I'll cut loose a heavy load? after all, a holiday is not a change but can be a good time, or at least a good excuse to kick-start change? 

Time and travel will reveal all. Not "Time Travel" by any means. In fact, my focus should almost be the opposite approach. It's not about then or when, it's about here and now. My goodness, it's sounds so easy when it's put like that. 

Sayonara, until next time.

Japanese Maple(122466)
Credit: Photo: Karl Broadie