Want to take a road trip for the weekend? Sounds like a great idea and so you set out to make your plan. Well if your like me you probably have a pet or two to deal with. I love my pets so it has never been an issue for me. All of my family and friends know my animals well. They have always volunteered to come by feed and walk them. Now that I have moved out of state, it has become a little more difficult to just take off on a whim. I can't always afford the kennel and the trip. So an easy solution is to just take my dogs with me. Traveling with your pet can be more fun than you think.

Traveling with your pet may seem like a crazy idea to you, but I think it is a fantastic solution. First thing you should know is if your dog or cat is prone to carsickness. If so, wait to give them their big meal for the day after you have reached your destination. Instead, be prepared to offer small snacks for longer trips and don't forget to bring water along as well. If they are not prone to carsickness try to at least feed them a few hours before you go. Allow time for a bathroom stroll before traveling with your pet. This will lessen the chance of them having little accidents on the trip.

When riding with you pet try to place them in a car harness that is away from the airbags. You may like them snuggled close to you, but this is for their protection in the event that an accident occurs. When traveling with your Cats provide them with a kennel for security. It also helps you to keep up with them. My cat is out of the car as soon as the door is opened. Furthermore, when traveling with your pet try to bring along their favorite toy to make them more comfortable. This will occupy them and provide security as well.

If you are going to be staying with family or friends make sure that it is okay to bring your pet. If you are getting a room in a hotel or motel that is pet-friendly then be sure to call ahead a find out exactly what that entails. Check on the net for restaurants and bars that will allow your animals to visit. Most of the restaurants that do this, allow pets on the patio. Some bars allow them to come in. Lots of parks will allow animals to enter with you if you show proof of the proper vaccinations. You should always bring these documents along anytime your traveling with your pet. Make sure you have your leash, and that your pet is wearing an I.D. tag with your contact information on it. Also bring along a current picture of your animal incase it becomes lost. You can find backpacks for dogs at your local pet store so they can carry their own treats and water while they are out site seeing with you. This provides you with the hands free ability to take pictures and provide snacks. So next time you schedule a weekend getaway, why not take your furry best friend along.