Canadian rail travel is a fun way to explore the country. Several rail lines run throughout Canada, allowing you to visit Canada with just a suitcase and a camera. You will want to begin your Canadian travel by checking the railway lines and destinations available.

Where to Go

Whether you are on a romantic Canadian travel excursion or simply trying to reach your destination quickly the Canadian rail travel system is a reliable way to enjoy the sights of the country. You can enjoy mountains, valleys and forests by traveling from Vancouver to other destinations. Romantic tours through the Rocky Mountains in Western Canada is a great way to relax and get away from it all.

Since Canada is expansive most Canadian rail travel is best experienced through day trips or by choosing a specific route that you want to experience. The rail ways of Canada offer some of the most beautiful scenery in the Northern Hemisphere, with both cities and large rural areas for your sightseeing pleasure.

Rail Travel

Planning Your Trip

When visiting Canada by rail you have many different options. You can schedule a day trip by opting for a round trip ticket from one destination to a nearby city, or you can choose much longer tours. To travel the entire country of Canada by railway you will need to schedule a week or longer to complete the adventure.

Some of the most popular destinations along the Canadian railways include cities such as Toronto and the ice fields between the Jasper and Vancouver lines. Nature is one of the main attractions in Canada. Mountains, caribou, and glaciers are just part of the appeal. Take the time to research the destinations to find the sights that interest you most if you have a limited amount of time to enjoy the countryside.

Your Trip

Canada has many accommodations along the railway, as well. From bed and breakfast type inns to modern hotels and motels Canada is packed with tourist friendly lodgings. Canada is more than just scenery, however. The bustling urban cities offer museums, fine dining, shopping and many other activities to enjoy while visiting.

Trains in Canada often offer shorter tours for those interested in weekend or day travel. You can spend a weekend exploring the country by rail, or simply take a few hours to spend on the train going from city to city. Some of the railways in Canada only run during the day so you will want to be sure and book your trip in advance to ensure you are able to get a spot on the day you want to tour.


For longer trips on the railway you will want to prepare to stay comfortable during the ride. Taking along an extra pillow and booking a sleeper car are both good ways to have the best trip possible. You may also want to pack a few snacks and a book if you are staying overnight on the train, as well.

Along with sleeper cars you may also be able to choose either coach or first class style seating. Depending on the amount of time that you are going to spend on the train it may be worth it to book the most comfortable seat possible. Longer trips are particularly important to plan for. With just a little planning you can enjoy all that Canadian travel has to offer while luxuriating in the romantic railways of the country.