December Travel

How to get away during that busy time of year.

The hardest part of getting away during the holidays is just that, actually getting away. Those that don’t celebrate the Santa Claus season are lucky, the end of December is like any time of year for them and all they have to complain about are the malls being busier than usual and the eyesore that’s tacky seasonal decor. For those who traditionally spend the days before, during, and after Christmas (in fact, probably up till the start of school), surrounded by family, it’s a completely different story. Getting away from the family that expects you over for dinner on a certain day EVERY SINGLE YEAR is going to be the toughest part of actually figuring out your vacation plans. Start early and break in the news sometime during the end of summer so that it isn’t a shocker that you won’t be celebrating the holiday season at home.

 Now the fun part… planning where you’re going to go! There’s so many options for one week getaways but the main thing for those of us living in North America is the fact that the weather in the greater part of the U.S. and Canada is getting colder and when the weather gets cold all we want to do is escape it! Just like that daily morning daydream of wrapping yourself in a warm and toasty blanket and going back to bed, thoughts of escapes to the Caribbean will dance around in your head and tempt you silly. You’ll argue with yourself that perhaps visiting California or Florida in December is a cheaper possibility but scratch those thoughts right now, they may be cheaper, but that doesn’t necessarily make them better.

The best places to travel to during the holidays are those in the warm and sunny Caribbean. Rainy season doesn't exist at the islands in December and so Bahamas, St. Lucia, Jamaica, and even Mexico are beckon enticingly. Once you do your research for the best package for you and your travel buddy, you’ll find yourself more limited to the three cheapest options: Cuba, the Dominican Republic and the great deals just south of the border in (often dangerous) Mexico.

Once you've packed your summery skirts and sunglasses, hopped on that plane and made it to your destination, don't stop and think twice about what you're doing. Friends and family might try to make you feel guilty about "skipping out" on that during this time of year, but you go ahead and make yourself better by splurging on that scuba diving package or mountain hike to see a gorgeous sunrise. Don't forget to buy some fun souvenirs for the friends and family, that's always a surefire way to get them back on your side when you return. And once you're back nobody's going to be talking about how you broke traditions and went South, instead, everybody's going to be talking about your cool underwater camera shots. So have fun!