Experience Europe via Eurail

Europe has become an increasingly popular destination for North American travelers. The biggest challenge most travelers experience is managing travel arrangements between the many different countries in Europe. In my opinion the ultimate way to travel Europe would be in a Porsche 911, however that is not very financially reasonable, hell with the price of gas these days as well as the cost of a rental a Smart Car Fortwo is not even a reasonable option. For most people the ideal solution is going to be purchasing a Eurail pass. An adult can get a 15 day pass that allows unlimited first class travel to 21 countries in Europe for just over 500 Euros, while people under 25 can get a 2nd class ticket for 15 days for just 332 Euros; pretty affordable if you ask me.

Eurail Global Pass Rates:

15 days € 332
21 days € 429
1 month € 535
2 months € 755
3 months € 933
10 days within 2 months € 393
15 days within 2 months € 515
15 days € 511
21 days € 662
1 month € 822
2 months € 1161
3 months € 1432
10 days within 2 months € 603
15 days within 2 months € 792

Eurail Destinations:

Before you even consider buying a Eurail pass, you need to make sure that the train travels to the destinations you want to travel to. The Eurail currently has twenty one European destinations. I have listed the destinations below:

Eurail destination map 1. Austria
2. Belgium
3. Croatia
4. Czech Republic
5. Denmark
6. Finland
7. France
8. Germany
9. Greece
10. Hungary
11. Ireland
12. Italy
13. Luxembourg
14. Netherlands
15. Norway
16. Portugal
17. Romania
18. Slovenia
19. Spain
20. Sweden
21. Switzerland

Eurail Regional Passes

Not everybody needs or wants to travel all over Europe. Some people only need regional transportation between one or two regions/countries. Luckily Eurail also offers regional packages that are much more affordable for somebody who only wants to travel between two destinations such as Austria and Germany. These passes range in price from 117 Euros to 220 Euros and are perfect match for people who want to dedicate a lot of time to adventuring around in a specific region.

Other Eurail Pass Benefits:

Since the Eurail passes are so popular, Eurail has partnered with many companies including hotels and private rail companies. This results in many free perks as well as discounted rates for other services. Below I outline some of the more common extra benefits one can get by buying a Eurail Pass:

• Free or reduced transportation on the tracks of private railroad companies
• Free or reduced transportation on national or international ferry crossings
• Free or reduced transportation on buses
• Discounts for hotels
• Reduction on museums