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Your Suited For?

Travelling with your work/formal clothes is a necessary evil for some. You may be on a business trip, or going to a wedding or funeral. You'll want to ensure that your suit, tuxedo, tails, whatever it may be stays clean and well pressed. There are a few ways to properly achieve this.

Special Suit Case for suits

My grandfather had a special suitcase that was designed to hold his suit as well. It folded out in such a way as to keep his suit and pants in their proper shape while travelling. This is your best option for transporting your fancy dress clothes. You can find a selection of these cases here.

Suit Bag

A suit bag is specially designed for protecting your suit or fancy dress clothing from the elements. They come in a variety of shapes, styles, and levels of protection. Keep in mind that they are generally more of a soft cover than a case. They'll protect your suite from rain and dust but if your not careful your suit can still get wrinkled or creased.

Rolling Method

As a last resort, you can roll your suite so that it fits into your backpack. Rolling reduces the chance of wrinkles and creases but it can damage the original shape/creases of the suit if your not careful. You'll want to first fold the shirt along the crease lines and lay it against the jacket. Roll the jacket and shirt together from the neck down being careful to preserve the shape of the collar. Next, fold the pants (also along the crease line and roll them from the waist down. You can roll your tie up by itself. Place these carefully in your backpack and surround them with other clothes so that they won't move around too much during transit. As soon as you can, take the clothes out of your backpack and put them on a hanger. If you have an iron handy then give them an iron to help them retain their original shape. You may also need to take them for a dry-cleaning if they are too bent out of shape.

So, there you have 3 different methods for transporting your suit or dress clothes. Maybe you need to travel with your suit for work or you might be going to a funeral or wedding. Whatever the case, these methods will help you get there with your suit in one-piece.