Computers are one of the most common pieces of work equipment found in offices these days. They are also becoming more popular in the home and many people now have access to a machine. If you work with a computer then the chances are that you will also have a printer. These are a common accessory to use with a computer.

There are many reasons why people print out paper copies of the work they produce on a computer. It can be to send a letter, proof read a document or provide a copy for someone. It can therefore be an advantage to have a printer available. Most people recognize this and if they purchase a computer they will also buy a printer to connect to this.

Travelling for work is a common requirement these days. If you spend a lot of time away from your home base then working with a laptop computer can be a better choice. This allows you to work whether you are sitting on a train or in a hotel room. However it can also be sensible to carry some computer accessories. A printer is one of these and can be good equipment to have in your bag.

The capability to print may be required at any time. This can be as true when you travel for work as it is when you are sitting in an office. It can therefore be a benefit to have a printer available even when you are out of the office. Small portable printers for laptops are designed exactly for this and can provide you with the capability to print out no matter where you are located.

While designed more for use on the move, a small portable printer can also be a convenient machine to have in a smaller office. It doesn't need much space to set up for use and can easily be moved around as required to suit the office layout. Using it in a smaller home office can therefore be a common sense idea.

If you enjoy taking photos the chances are these days that you will have a digital camera. There are a number of small portable printers that are designed specifically to be used with these. They provide a convenient way to print out your photos and can be used without the need for a computer. This makes then excellent travel printers and with a camera and photo printer you have all the equipment needed to take and print out photos in any location.

Some of the major computer accessory manufacturers produce small portable printers. Examples of these include Canon, Lexmark and Hewlett Packard. This provides the consumer with a decent selection of printers to choose from. They can be found for sale at a number of outlets and Best Buy, Staples and even Walmart can be places to look. Many online stores also have them for sale, with the manufacturer's online stores being some of the best places to look.

The Pentax PocketJet 3 is an ultraportable printer. Weighing in at only 0.5kg and being only 10 inches long this printer will fit in the smallest of bags and produces decent quality prints. It costs around $380 to purchase. The Canon PIXMA iP90v retails for a similar price and is considered one of the best portable photo printers on the market.