Travertine tile is one the most popular options for home improvement because of its gorgeous and elegant touch when installed in any home. The first and most important of all its benefits is its natural beauty itself. There are 3 finishes of travertine tiles. The tumbled travertine comes in wide variety of colors and sizes and it is most suitable in almost all kinds of home improvement project. The chiseled and brushed travertine has a very classic look which is perfect of tile flooring. The honed and filled travertine has a smooth and satin finish making it highly ideal for bathroom and kitchen tiles. Travertine offers several advantages. Aside from its beauty, it is also durable and will last for so many years. It comes in variety of colors and finishes that you can choose from. And it is easy to cut and to work with during installation. Its disadvantages include susceptibility to acid staining and it tends to very slippery when wet.

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Travertine is perfect for floor and wall covering. Travertine floor tiles will surely bring out the natural beauty of the stones on your floors. Travertine flooring may be easily cleaned by a broom which is softly bristled to maintain its shine and smooth surface. It is best if travertine flooring is sealed so that it can't be stained by spills especially if spillage is coming from vinegar and other chemical solutions. It is also not suitable for high traffic areas as it can accumulate scratches form heavy traffic. However it could be professionally sealed in order to avoid further damage. On the other hand, travertine wall tiles would also look best if it matches your entire homes lighting conditions. Travertine walling is often kept in its natural state for a long time because it doesn't get spills unlike the travertine flooring. However it should also be cleaned to maintain its vibrant look as much as possible. Travertine may be expensive but with all its benefits and the beauty that is adds to any home, it is just a best buy. If you want to get good deals and discounts, you may check online stores selling travertine. They are vast on the internet, you just have to take an extra effort and be a little patient. It is more convenient to purchase it online so you can compare manufacturers and prices at the same time.

If you are looking for a durable and elegant tiling option for your home, travertine is a best choice.