If there is anything that online reviews sites have in common is that most of them are no more than sales pages for the items they review. One of the newer products on the market that is flooded with sales pitch reviews online is the Schticky Lint Roller.

The Schticky Lint Roller Set

The Problem With Most Schticky Reviews Online

The biggest problem I have with most reviews is that they don’t actually review the product. For the most part they rehash the standard product features and benefits and answer some basic questions about the product and then they direct you to the sales page for it.

In short almost every review page is like this with only a few exceptions. I find it annoying and I’m sure you do to.

Schticky YouTube Video Reviews

The best Schticky review possible would have to be an independent review by a person who actually has the Schticky in hand and uses on camera. YouTube is a great place for product reviews like this because you can validate that the reviewer actually has the item they are reviewing and are showing that product to you.

In many cases these video reviews are trying to get you to buy the Schticky lint remover (or whatever product you are searching for) but at least you know they are personalized and not a straight sales pitch.

One exceptionally funny Schticky video posted on YouTube is not exactly a review but it is a mashup and remix of the official Schticky Lint Roller commercial. Hysterical.

Here Is The Official Schticky Commercial

What Every Review Should Cover: Does The Schticky Lint Roller Work?

This is where the authenticity of the reviewer comes into play. If you are reading a sales page they will say every time that it works. They may spout off a comment or two about how it could work better but when someone is trying to sell you something they won’t tell you that their product doesn’t work.

Does the Schticky work? I haven’t used it but I do have cats and am always looking for better ways to pickup their hair from my couches and clothes so I’d like to know for sure whether it works or not.

This review of the Schticky roller seems to indicate that it does work although I’m not sure if it’s all that better than my FurFighter lint roller which I wrote about previously.

Where Can You Buy The Schticky And How Much Does It Cost?

I do most of my shopping on Amazon and the Schticky is not for sale there… yet as far as I know so I am loathe to find it elsewhere. The obvious place to buy a Schticky lint roller is to click on a sales link from one of the many sales pages littering the search engines.

There are plenty of As-Seen-On-TV stores and sections in big box stores which are often full of items of this nature a while after product release. If you don’t pick up a Schticky roller on sale ahead of time it’s worth waiting for them to hit actual stores because prices tend to dip.

A while back I wrote about Stem Cell Therapy Cream which was a TV sold product selling in the neighborhood of $50. A year later the same product can now be found on Amazon for almost half that. If the Schticky sticks around for long no doubt the price will drop as is distribution spreads to traditional stores.

The best price for the Schticky is probably months away but no doubt it will come. Even if it works amazingly the price is probably much higher than the average person wants to pay for a lint roller… even if it is reusable. At some point demand at its current price point will wane and you will start seeing cheap Schtickys for sale all over the place. The discounts may not come for some time but they always come eventually.

Best Low Cost Alternatives To The Schticky

As is always the case the best alternatives to new products are the top tier products that have existed for years upon years. Scotch brand has been making products like the Schticky for years. They are called lint rollers. They work very well which is why they are so cheap and so many people own them. In fact my wife and I probably have about 5-6 basic lint rollers in circulation throughout our home, cars, and offices at any given time. When you have cats they are a god-send.

The biggest problem I see with the Schticky is that it has to be cleaned every time you fill it up with lint, hair, and dirt. With a standard lint roller you can simply tear off the full sheet and you have a clean sheet ready to go. The Schticky seems to require a cleaning every time you fill it up and as far as I can tell it needs to dry to work well again.

In my opinion this makes it a flawed product. It may be great for picking up random hair and lint here and there but for big jobs you don’t want to have to clean the thing multiple times while you are trying to clean your clothes, couches, cars seat, or whatever.

Now, I haven’t used the Schticky first hand because I’m not sold on it at its current price point but if this is not the case then I’m sorry. Please correct me in the comments below. For me however the simplicity of a good set of lint rollers can’t ever be beat.

The FurFighter is great for keeping my furniture clean and a good 3M set of sticky rollers will do just fine and they really aren’t that expensive either. On Amazon you can buy five 3M lint rollers (450 total sheets) for less than the price of a Schticky and they’ll do just fine, last a long time, and will be easier to use as you won’t have to clean them periodically while you work… and for most people shipping is free on Amazon too.