Treadmill Desk - Workout While you Work Some people just cannot get enough of it. Some people are always trying to get more out of life, get more out of their day and become even better, while they are already that good. The typical type of person who you see running around on a Treadmill Desk.

Stand Up Desk

Our current lifestyle is not healthy, not healthy at all. We are sitting almost the entire day and the rest of the day we spend sleeping. The problem with sitting is: you don't use any muscle at all. Another problem would be your posture while you are sitting. There is almost nobody sitting up entirely straight, according to the rules which are pinned underneath your computerscreen.

The solution is to get a stand up desk, sometimes called a standing desk as well. This means you actually stand behind your desk, instead of sitting. This allows you to have a straight back and burn some calories while you are at it.

Of course, you cannot keep up with it the whole day at first, but when you are using a stand up desk for a longer time you will notice you can stand up for a longer time every day. When you just take short breaks, when you are at the phone for instance, there should be no problem.

You can take it indeed even further, by putting a treadmill underneath your desk.

Treadmill Desk

Some people just like to take it one step further. You can call them crazy, maybe they are pretty smart actually. They put a treadmill underneath their desk.

You can get these things already from Amazon. There is a company called TrekDesk which are making them. As a picture can say more than a thousand words:

Treadmill Desk Walking DeskCredit:

As you can see the set up is fairly easy. It doesn't look that robust, but you can put your laptop on it and have some papers. When you look at the treadmill desk reviews the customers are happy with the product, as their stamina is increased, their posture and their general feeling. They feel more healthy actually.

If you need more space or you want to have a wooden desk on top, there are a bunch of guides out online how to make your own treadmill desk. These give you a complete outline on how to make it. Actually not that hard of course, all you need is a desk and a treadmill.

Walking Desk - How do you use it?

Once you are ready and you have your own treadmill desk it is important to know how to use it. Are you going to run all day? If you are in training for a marathon you might have to, but this is not recommended. You should only use the actual treadmill function a couple of times during the day. Just walk for half an hour and put it off again. Grab a bar chair so you can sit and relax again.

These half an hours are already enough to increase your stamina and your overall health, as these are just the half an hours you are missing during the day.

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