My First Impressions With My Treadmill Desk

I decided to start an experiment I have been thinking about for awhile. I have worked a very sedentary job for the past eight years in the information technology profession. I am also attending grad school and have lots of homework to complete at night and on the weekends!  As a result my waistline has expanded by several sizes as a result of the sedentary lifestyle, and I am tired of the extra weight.  But how does one lose weight when I spend so much time working and attending school?

I wrote about my desire to get a treadmill desk in a previous Infobarrel article earlier this year. Fortunately, I have been able to save up for and purchase a very nice whisper quiet treadmill since my previous article. I also purchased a nice and inexpensive plastic laptop shelf for my treadmill from Amazon called the Surfshelf.

What is the Walking Desk Experience Like?

This setup has been amazingly helpful at allowing me to work on homework while also working out. I thought it was going to be difficult to walk at a decent clip and also work on homework, but so far it has been pretty amazing! I walk at about 1.7MPH which seems to be a perfect clip for walking and not sweating or losing my breath while talking on the phone, typing or even reading a book. Surprisingly enough with the addition of a microphone and Dragon naturally speaking I have been able to dictate entire research papers in much less time than it took me to write previous papers. I find myself to be extremely productive on my treadmill desk.  I have walked well over 4 hours on several occasions and it is a pretty easy walk. I forget that I am even walking on a treadmill once I get engrossed in my homework.

Treadmill Desk at Work

I haven’t yet brought my treadmill to work, but just got approval from HR to bring it in in the future. So I am hoping within a few weeks to be able to bring it to work and see if I can walk for a full day without being too exhausted. From what I’ve read online the best thing to do for a full walking desk experience is to have good walking shoes. My office is adequately sized to allow me to setup my regular desk to one side and my treadmill walking desk to the side. With the whisper quiet treadmill operation I am fairly confident it won’t interfere with my co-workers. I have also extensively tested my treadmill desk with my cell phone and not one person has been able to tell I was walking on a treadmill while talking to them. In fact, all of the people have been surprised to know I am actually walking on a treadmill when I am talking to them. I don’t see that as being a barrier to my office walking desk experience.

I will let everyone know more about my experience once I have brought my desk into work and have used it for awhile. In the meantime I found a pretty good blog that you could read that is updated fairly frequently about treadmill desks. 

A Sit to Walk Workstation

Sit to walk Workstation from Steelcase