All About Office Exercise Tools by TrekDesk and Signature

Demand for exercise that's geared toward battling a sedentary lifestyle is growing, and that's exactly why reviewing the best treadmill desks for sale is worthwhile. Office workers and others are more prone than ever before to degenerative diseases. Too much sitting is bad news for the body, and many companies are beginning to rethink the way their employees are positioned during a full work day. Treadmill desks are the latest innovation. Here's a look at a couple top desks that may help brighten up your chair bound lifestyle, without sacrificing work time.

Working with the Trekdesk

Trek's TrekDesk is the most affordable treadmill desk currently on the market. Its unique layout is designed for making your work day a healthier, without surrendering productivity or ergonomic comfort. The most impressive aspect of the TrekDesk's engineering is the fact that it seems the designers have thought of everything.

Cup holders, storage stations for files and folders, and a fully adjustable support structure round out the TrekDesk's many features. It's best used with a laptop, though it could probably support smaller desktop computers. The treadmill itself is angled to fit neatly below the desk, with the controls rising just over your work station for easy access.

The TrekDesk's overlay is made to support critical work functions while incorporating the treadmill as seamlessly as possible. It's nicely compatible with any computer, critical support equipment, paperwork, and telephones. Since the treadmill is intended to run at a low speed, you can move through your work progressively while getting essential tasks done. The aim of this impressive desk is to keep you moving, without even noticing that you're doing it.

Some initial set up is ordinarily necessary to get the alignment of a TrekDesk treadmill desk just right. Yet, it's actually easier than it looks, and the mixed desk and exercise components go together without much frustration or a need for further modifications. Some users have reported being slightly alarmed at a small wobble in the TrekDesk's work station, but running the treadmill at a low speed or adding bracing resolves this issue.

Signature's Treadmill Desks

Another major manufacturer of treadmill desks for sale is Signature. Their desks are traditional and far more elegant than the TrekDesk, but they also carry a heft price tag. With costs that range into several thousand dollars, Signature's desks will probably appeal only to home office owners with serious dollars to use on fitness, or to CEOs of large companies.

For instance, their Mocha colored Executive Desk is made as a “sit to stand” desk. This means that the desk itself is extremely adjustable for sitting, standing, or using the treadmill. All Signature treadmill desks are lengthy enough to simply push the treadmill aside when it's not in use, and replace it with a regular office chair. This may make it all too easy for folks to avoid using the treadmill on a regular basis, but then, having the option to easily re-orient your desk is welcome.

These desks are durable, come with gorgeous woodwork, and they are easy to set up. While they lack the specialized features of the TrekDesk, their conservative fashion and adjustable components are sure to appeal to workers with a hunger for exercise and more traditional tastes.

The enormous benefits of regular exercise are too numerous to mention. In modern life, the most difficult challenge to overcome is finding the time to hammer out some physical activity. Treadmill desks by TrekDesk and Signature eliminate this major obstacle, allowing you to productively improve your career and health simultaneously.

The TrekDesk Treadmill Desk