If you are looking to burn fat while using a treadmill then here is a program for you. It will create a good enough workout for you to get that adipose tissue ignited.

Starting off like always with a workout you should do some warmup. Doing a good amount will prepare your body for the high intensity workout and give better protection to your joints. When you do a good warmup there is enough blood circulating to give your muscles what they need, and to transfer the heat away from them so that they can function properly. Your fat mobilization will also begin and you start to sweat a little. This is a sign that you are workin hard enough.

After a good five to fifteen minutes of walking or jogging, depending on your level, you should start the hardest part of your exercise. Use the treadmills fitness equipment at a high speed and an incline to make it more demanding. Set the highest incline you can and use a speed that is notably faster than the one you used on your warmup. This hard part of the workout will make your body produce fat burning enzymes and give the workout a high level of EPOC. Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption is the greastest measure of a workout, when it comes to measuring the fat loss effect. If the workout has a high EPOC you won't need to be working out such a long time to get the same results.

After this high part that should last from ten to twenty minutes it is time to switch to the medium intensity part. This is the basic jogging part that you would be doing if you would not have read this article. Everything is supposed to be at medium. The incline, the speed and the intensity. This is here to make you burn a little more energy while working out and to try to maintain that heart rate that thate hard part of the workout achieved. Do this for a good ten to twenty minutes.

Depending on your level you can be doing this type of workout one to three times a week. When you are aiming for fat loss you should try to make your workouts as hard as possible. People who think that doing a low intensity workout that lasts a long time got it wrong. Think about it. The people doing these long walks on a treadmill, have been doing it for years and their apperance has not changed. If you want to make a dramatic change to your body, you need to do something different.