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Treadmill floor mats are sometimes a must have to protect carpet and floors from damage. Keep in mind that if you don't invest in one then you may end up spending more fixing the floor and or floor covering than the cost of the best treadmill mat on the market. I have had some experience in this matter with a several year old stationary bike. My story isn't as bad as some, but I still took a hit in the finances. What happened is that the bike started to squeak, so I took it upon myself to oil it, since the squeak was driving me crazy. Well, I noticed afterward that the lubricant didn't just stick to the chain it leaked onto the carpet and the stain would not come out.

It was then that I realized that I needed to get something to go under the bike, so I went on the search for a fitness equipment mat. I wanted to cover up the stain for one thing and didn't want it to happen again when I had to lubricate the chain in the future. Hindsight is 20/20 and I should have had some type of exercise equipment mat in place to start with, but better late than never I suppose. Now, I will never be able to move the bike to another location or room unless I want to spend money to get new carpet.

It doesn't matter the type of fitness equipment used at home, whether it's a treadmill or whatever, a similar mishap can happen to you. All exercise equipment needs lubricant at some point and of course there is also the possibility of other damage such as torn carpet or scuffs on tile or vinyl flooring. As you will find out it's too late after the damage is done to do anything except cover it up or pay money to replace or fix flooring. It's much more cost effective to get a treadmill mat or other type of exercise equipment mat to start with, not to mention the aggravation.

Treadmill Mat Options

There are several treadmill floor mat options, so it can be difficult when searching for the one that is best for your needs. It also helps to look under the terms exercise equipment mats as well as fitness equipment mats. The most important concerns are the size and weight of the exercise equipment because the heavier the machine the sturdier the mat needs to be to accommodate. If your treadmill is large it might be best to invest in a commercial treadmill floor mat. On the other hand, if exercise equipment is lightweight a portable exercise mat could work.

The three most common treadmill mat materials are rubber, vinyl and foam. Rubber is the strongest and most costly of the three and will hold up longer. Commercial type treadmills that are very heavy usually require a rubber exercise mat for maximum floor protection. There are some people, however, who don't have commercial exercise equipment, but still opt for rubber matting to have peace of mind and not have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

While rubber exercise mats may be the strongest they're not the most popular. The PVC or vinyl fitness floor mat is the most popular due to lower price and the fact that it comes in wide variety of sizes and thickness. Vinyl treadmill floor mats will perform great as long as you consider the size and weight of the exercise equipment and match them up accordingly.

Foam treadmill mats are the ones most likely to compress faster and lose shape, since they are softer and not as sturdy. Only lightweight exercise machines such as a small rowing machine or portable treadmill, for example, should be placed on a foam floor mat. Before you begin to shop for an exercise floor mat you need to know measurement and weight of the machine.

Two more factors to consider are impact and noise. For a high impact type of exercise like running you will need a sturdier mat to protect flooring properly and buffer noise.

Treadmill Floor Mats- Best Sellers

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One of the best selling treadmill floor mats is the Rubber Cal brand. They have several sizes and types to choose from and are considered quality made rubber matting. You can find them on Amazon as well as other trusted sites online. To give you an idea of cost you can get a 4 ft by 6.5 or 4 ft. by 7 starting at $50 on up to $70 for the larger size.

The Stamina Fold to Fit treadmill/ exercise mat is also a best seller.  It is very portable and folds up for easy storage and comes with size adjustment.  Not quite strong enough for commercial treadmills, but works excellent for home exercise equipment. Price $30-$40 is a good buy.

You can also check out the Defender Treadmill mat that comes in black or gray on sale at for $40 and up. This treadmill floor mat is made of the best quality PVC material and can be used with commercial or home treadmill and larger sizes available.

For just $25 price range you can get Apex High-Impact foam interlocking mats .When you use a light weight treadmill or other light exercise equipment this is a good choice. You can add more interlocking pieces later to create a larger workout area best seller on Amazon.

There are rubber interlocking floor mats available for a sturdier foundation. Rubber tiles and mats are simple to install and as mentioned above you can enlarge the workout station or install an entire exercise room. Naturally, cost is higher with foam mats.

These best selling treadmill floor mats will give you a start and hopefully you will find what you're looking for a little faster than if you didn't have a clue.

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