If you own a treadmill or are considering buying one in the near future for your home then you will need a treadmill mat to go along with it. Treadmill mats are not one of those accessories which can be overlooked and should be thought of as being an essential part of the equipment package. These exercise equipment floor mats are not just for show, but instead they provide several useful functions which will make your treadmill a more robust, more enjoyable piece of exercise equipment for you and those around you.

The reasons you should seriously consider buying a gym equipment mat for a treadmill machine are varied but the main reasons are:

Treadmill Mats Protect Your Home Flooring From Damage

Probably the most obvious reason for getting a mat for underneath a treadmill is to protect your floors from getting damaged. Treadmills are large, heavy machines which get heavier still when you start jogging on them. In the same way a couch leaves telltale signs of where it has been when you move it, so too does a treadmill but much worse because no one is (or should be) jumping up and down on a couch, or scraping it back and forwards. Treadmills move around when in use, which will scratch up floors or wear holes in carpet.

Treadmill mats provide a rugged barrier between the running machine and the floor itself so your floors are protected from any damage which may be caused by the treadmill feet scraping and bouncing around. This is also an impermeable layer which prevents your own sweat and lubricant from the treadmill from staining your floors.

The inherent instability of a treadmill on a bare floor is also dangerous to the user as a treadmill which slips and changes position when in use can throw off the operator and lead to injury. Treadmill mats usually have a texture surface to prevent the treadmill from moving in addition to being padded so the treadmill feet sink into them. This extra stability protects the user from harm and is an essential feature for treadmill safety.

Of course, if your floors are already trashed you probably will not care about any addition damage but the safety aspect shouldn't be ignored. Plus, there are still other very good reasons for buying a treadmill mat.

A Treamill Mat Will Reduce The Amount Of Noise A Treadmill Makes

Noisy treadmills are fine if you live alone and have no neighbors in earshot, but a loud treadmill in an apartment building, or condo or if you share your house with other people is guaranteed to become a real nuisance very quickly. Sure, there are quiet treadmills with smoth running operations and quiet motors, but the real issue is from the vibration the machine makes when it is in use and the rhythmic pounding and thudding of your own feet as you go through your workout routine.

All these sounds reverberate through the unprotected flooring and annoy everyone else every time you exercise. So how can I reduce the amount of noise my treadmill makes? Thick treadmill mats will help to sound-proof treadmill noises to some extent and whilst not the perfect solution, they are a great start and more practical than some of the alternatives which will involve the installation of accoustic flooring and structural changes.

Treadmill Mats Help Prevent Treadmill Repair and Maintenance Issues

The same rattling vibration and impact sounds which makes a treadmill noisy can also cause damage to the treadmill itself without a protective floor mat. The vibrations from a treadmill reverberate back through the floor back up into the machinery rattling the component parts and generally adding additional wear and tear to the machine.

A thick padded treadmill mat will absorb the vibration and act as a shock absorber to block the large part of that damaging vibration and extend the lifespan of your treadmill. Shock absorbing mats are better when they are thicker, some treadmill mats are 1/8 inch thick and may be even thinner which might not do much more than protect the floor.

Which Is The Best Treadmill Mat?

There really isn't any such thing as a best treadmill mat, it is more like which is best for your needs. Of course, the thicker, more durable gym equipment mat with the lifetime warrantee is ultimately what you want to opt for if you can but you may have more pressing requirements - and there is probably a mat out there which meets them.

For example, foldable treadmills are designed to be folded up and hidden away after use so the chances are you'd want a mat which is lightweight enough to be portable but which you can also stow away along with the treadmill without too much trouble. There are interlocking foam mats which can be pulled apart and stacked when you are done with them and there also some folding treadmill mats which sort of fold open to the size you require and fold up to much smaller when you're done with them.

You may, on the other hand, prefer a treadmill mat which never moves, but rather than have a jet black rubber treadmill mat which is a little industrial looking for the average home, you may prefer to opt for a transparent exercise equipment mat to disguise its presence a little so it blends in with the rest of your decor.

...and so on. There are lots of solutions for lots of treadmill mat problems and desires, shop around you'll find one which fits your needs best.