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People who say they hate to exercise always find an excuse not to engage in it. If only coming up with excuses were an exercise, we'd all be in shape. The exercise haters consider it a chore and don't look at it as a positive form of activity. But in reality, time spent at the gym or is the best "you time" that you can give to yourself. It is one-hundred times better than sitting on the couch, eating junk food and watching reality television (even though you might not think so at the moment).

One way you can increase your enjoyment of exercise is to listen to your favorite music while you workout. If you have an iPod, create a playlist for the gym, I call mine my "Treadmill Tunes." If you are a beginner, start with one or two slow songs (5 minutes worth) for your warm-up. Next, download about 20 minutes of fast tunes and walk at a brisk pace, jog, or run. End your treadmill workout with another five minutes of slow songs, for your cool down. You’re done (for the day). As you continue to exercise, you will find that walking and running gets easier. When your routine becomes too easy, that’s the time to increase the time and intensity (using the incline and speed features and increasing the time on the treadmill).

One way to turn your attitude about exercise around is by viewing it in a positive light. Think of it as time to clear your head and get rid of the stress of the day. Continue to tell yourself "This is MY time," and believe it. Find ways to help yourself look forward to exercising; one way is by listening to your favorite music. You should also add new songs to your playlist every few months to keep the music fresh and enjoyable.

If you need some tips on some good work-out songs, take a look at the following. These songs are some of my personal favorites.

Treadmill Tunes: Music for Walking Jogging or Running

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Slow Jams

Choose any one of the following songs to enhance your warm-up or cool down time. Some of these tunes are also great when you are snuggling with your significant other.

I'll Always Love You: Taylor Dayne

This song will bring you back to the 1980s with its romantic lyrics and a soulful style.

Happy Lady (3)Credit: Pixabay by NemoLet's Get It On: Marvin Gaye

Almost everyone over the age of 20 knows this famous and passionate song.

Since I Fell For You: Al Jarreau, Bob James & David Sanborn

With the initial lyrics of, "When you just give love and never get love, you'd better let love depart, I know it's so and still I know, I can't get you outa my heart . . .," you know that this song (with its smooth vocals and a slow jazzy melody) is about to take you on a sentimental journey.

Whip Appeal: Babyface (Kenneth Edmonds)

This song is a wonderfully irresistible and catchy slow jam that will have you singing along.

A House Is Not A Home: Luther Vandross

This slow tune is one of the most romantic and classic love songs by none other than the best romantic vocalist ever, Luther Vandross. Engrossing and poetic, this song is filled with emotion and romance. It might even get you thinking about past relationships.

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Get Your Groove On

When it's time to run, it's time to get your groove on and listen to some fast paced hits. Here are some songs that are popular at the gym and at elsewhere.

Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody: Brick

This song from the 1970s is a mixture of funk and jazz. The quick beat is sure to keep you moving fast.

Do You Love What You Feel: Rufus featuring Chaka Khan

Prior to making it big as a solo artist, Chaka Khan was the lead singer for the group Rufus, and this was one of their many big hits.

Moves Like Jagger: Maroon 5

From the first beat to the last this song is fun! It motivates you to move. Play it more than once and challenge yourself to do more.

Word Up: Cameo

This song will have you bopping your head and singing, you might even forget that you are working out.

You Ought to be Havin' Fun: Tower of Power

Like the others on this list, Tower of Power's You Ought to be Having Fun, will get you motivated to move, from the very first beat.


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No More Excuses

Get up, get off of the couch, and get moving! Whether at home or the gym, move your body. Even if you start by moving for 5 or 10 minutes a day! Get yourself motivated and use these songs when you walk, jog, run, dance or just move around. As you continue to exercise, add more songs to your "Treadmill Tunes" and keep moving, your body will thank you for it!

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