Treadmill stores online are great ways to shop for discounts and top quality treadmills on sale. You'll be sure to find exactly what you need for your workouts when shopping online. There are plenty of discount treadmills on sale, that go for less than retail prices. There are thousands of treadmill brands with different features, and different kind of treadmills out on the market. Not all treadmills are the same. When you're looking to buy a treadmill online, you'll need to not familiarize yourself with different products and make sure you're getting the right treadmill needed for your workout. Most popular and quality treadmills will usually cost over $1,000. Spending more on treadmills isn't always a bad thing, because there are a lot of poor quality treadmills that tend to for less.

Some of the popular treadmill brands to shop by are Lifespan, Bowflex, Sole, Proform, Nordic Track, Nautils True and Fitness. Although if you're really set on buying the right treadmill online, you should take a look at sites like, or for reviews and product testing done on treadmills. Shopping from treadmill stores online also has an advantage when you can read customer reviews of the products you're looking to buy. Let's take a look at some of the different treadmill products.

Different treadmills to shop for online

Compact treadmills - Compact treadmills are small and are not very spacious. Compact treadmills are more for speed walking, or light joggers. They are small, and the running belt doesn't leave much room for working out. Most running belt dimensions are just 17" x 45" on compact treadmills. Compact treadmills are good for those who have a small apartment, and want a speed walking treadmill that doesn't take up much space. The motor horse power is light, usually just a 1.5 HP motor. Most compact treadmills weigh just 100 pounds. They're light, and portable treadmills. They are very easy treadmills to travel with, since they are foldable and they don't take up much space. These are not treadmills for hardcore powerful runners.

iFit treadmills - iFit treadmills are basically the same as standard treadmills, but includes a cool feature that comes with the treadmill. A few of the popular brands like Nordic Track and Proform make treadmills that are iFit compatible. IFit treadmills feature a disc that you plug into a iFit card reader. You then get to have your own personal trainer work with you on a specific workout program. Once the iFit workout card is in, the treadmill automatically starts to the specific speed, incline, and duration of the workout. IFit features include video, CD, and internet workout programs that can be downloaded online. iFit workout cards can only be used on iFit compatible treadmills. You can also download google maps to your work card, then set up a laptop or iPhone and actually have a setting of your choice while running on your treadmill. Google maps let you follow along as if you're actually running in the preferred scenery of your choice.

Commercial treadmills - Commercial treadmills are the highest of quality, and the HP motors are usually 4.0 horse power. They are heavy, and big treadmills. Prices usually start at $2,000, but can be commonly seen in the $4,000 dollar range or higher. Max speeds can go up to 16 mph, and usually weigh 400 pounds. Most commercial treadmills come with a 3-4 year warranty. Commercial treadmills are professional treadmills that are usually used in gyms or in other workout programs.

Home treadmills - Most home treadmills will include everything you need for a workout. Ideally for home treadmills, if you're looking for intense workouts, you'll want a motor horse power of at least 2.5-3.0, with max speeds that go up to 12 mph. Quality treadmills usually weigh about 300 pounds, or more for maximum support. You'll want to look for safety features and long warranties on home treadmills. A high quality treadmill for running will usually cost you over $1,000.

Foldable or portable treadmills - Most foldable treadmills can weigh about 250 pounds or less. Prices can keep you below $1,000, and foldable treadmills are not as stable and durable as non-foldable treadmills. Most quality treadmill brands make them, but experts frown upon foldable treadmills. They're good in that they're easy to move, but bad because they're not as strong and durable as treadmills that weigh more. There are pros and cons to foldable treadmills. There are some quality foldable treadmills on the market, though.

Non-motorized treadmills - Majority of quality treadmills today are motorized, but they still make non-motorized treadmills out on the market. They're not the highest quality of running treadmills, and used more for speed walking. They are much cheaper than motorized treadmills. If you're just looking for something simple, and light, then most non-motorized treadmills shouldn't cost you more than $100 at treadmill stores.

Treadmill stores online to shop at

Ebay - Ebay is one of the best places to shop for treadmills online. You'll likely find better prices than what other treadmills stores online have to offer. Most popular product brands like Horizon, Nordic Track, Sole, Proform, and Nautilus will be available on ebay for good prices. Ebay allows you to bid for products, so sometimes you might get lucky and get a great deal on a high quality treadmill.

Amazon - If you're looking for treadmills on sale, then Amazon is an online store where you'll find a large selection of popular treadmills, used or new for sale. The Sole treadmill products are going for a great price, and is one of highest recommended treadmill brand on the market. You can even find some quality treadmills at Amazon going lower than a $1,000. Whether you're looking for compact treadmills, commercial treadmills, iFit treadmills, or just a quality home treadmill, Amazon is likely to have what you're looking for.

Treadmill Shoppe - One of the better treadmill stores online, that has all the top quality treadmills that you're looking for that go for cheap prices. Not only does treadmill shoppe have reasonable prices, but they have good deals on shipping prices. You can shop by price on treadmill shoppe if you have a budget in mind. You can even find treadmills under $500 on their website. Some popular brands sold on treadmill shoppe are Yukon fitness, ProForm, Stamina, Epic, Weslo, and Best fitness.

Other places to shop: If you don't like what you find at these treadmill stores online, then checkout,, big fitness, christian's fitness factory, overstock and workout wearhouse,, GNC, dunham's sports, healthstyles exercise equipment, Dick's Sporting Goods, sears, MC sports, sporty authority, and Home Gym Central. Product brands can be bought off manufacturer sites as well.