30 minutes a day

Maintaining yourself in good shape is probably the biggest necessity in today’s world. Sedentary lifestyles and lack of time is constantly contributing to poor health and increasing rate of obesity. It is therefore essential to workout on a daily basis to enjoy good health and keep diseases at a bay. People often complain of not getting enough exercise due to their busy schedules but treadmills offer an easy way to workout and keep you moving. A 30 minutes treadmill workout may help you to get into your desired shape in no time. Here are some benefits provided by doing 30 minutes treadmill workout:

Reduces weight

Treadmills may be used at homes or fitness centers for running exercises. The most important benefit of running is it helps in burning calories. If you do not get much time for jogging or are shy to step out of your home for exercising, a treadmill may provide the perfect solution for burning your calories. When you regularly run, you burn more and more calories and reduce weight drastically. Since movement requires energy, your body uses the extra calories to produce it and you eventually burn calories easily. In addition, some treadmills may also help you in performing other exercises. This ensures an overall exercise of your body.


Keeps diseases away

Various studies reveal that a 30 minute treadmill workout every day helps in preventing various chronic diseases. Regular exercise gradually balances the blood sugar levels and lowers the risk of diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. When you run, your heart pumps more blood, this process makes the heart stronger and reduces heart problems. It also helps in reducing the risk of certain types of cancer mainly endometrial, breast, colon and prostate cancer.

Good for beginners

Apart from the above benefits of using a treadmill for regular exercising, it also provides a good workout platform for beginners. Just by altering its speed and inclination you may bring adaptable changes in your workout as required by your body. You may begin with slow walking and increase the intensity gradually in few days. It thus offers safety and ease while you are on the go. Moreover, it is not limited to just walking and running, advanced treadmills offers a lot of other exercises too which you may do to reach your goals.

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Adds variation in your workout

Inclined treadmill walking always has increased benefits. Most modern treadmills have this feature to enhance the way your exercise. This helps in adding variations in your workout routine. By altering the level of inclination you may modify your exercise plan. Such kind of walking imitates uphill climbing and provides improved cardiovascular workout. This has a greater impact on your muscles especially calves. Using a treadmill in inclined position of 15% for walking increases the calories burnt by 150% as compared to walking on level surface.

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Altogether burning calories on treadmill is the easiest way to lose those extra pounds and stay fit. A 30 minutes workout every day on treadmill may help you attain your desired results and keep your healthy. Moreover, an incline treadmill walking enables you to enhance your workout. With all these features and various health benefits, treadmills scores on the top as a perfect exercising equipment.