You can find treadmills for running at a cost of less than 500 dollars. You need to do your due diligence to make sure the treadmill you are considering is the right fit for you. While you can find acceptable walking treadmills for around 200 bucks, be ready to spend closer to $500 dollars for a new treadmill that you can run on.

What to look for in a running treadmill. There are a few key factors you should look for in a treadmill that you intend to use for running. One of the most important factors is the running area. Is the running surface long enough to accommodate your stride and the strides of others using the treadmill?

In treadmills costing less than 500 dollars getting a running surface that is comfortably long enough will be a challenge. When comparing various treadmills, this is a primary point to consider.

The width of the running area is also an important consideration. Even some of the better treadmills in this price range are a bit cramped in running area length and width. A running surface that was 45 inches deep and 18 inches wide was the best we found in treadmills costing under $500.

How a treadmill performs largely depends on the motor. You want one with enough power to withstand the demands placed upon it. A treadmill with a strong power plant will run smoothly and quietly. In a treadmill that costs less than $500, look for a continuous duty motor with at least 2 horsepower.

Other factors like the speed range, the console layout, and the user weight capacity are also factors you need to consider. Does the treadmill fold up to save space when it is not being used? Does it have  built-in wheels that let you move it easily? Is there some assembly required? These are some of the questions you will need to answer to make the best buying decision.

Fortunately you can get the answers to all your buying questions online. You can compare all the various treadmills that you are considering. You can read unbiased customer reviews from people who have already purchased and use the very treadmills you are researching. If these folks have experienced any problems you can learn all about it - before you make a costly buy. Be sure and take advantage of all the resources at your fingertips.

Which treadmills under 500 dollars do we recommend?

After examining the field of treadmills that cost under 500 dollars, we think two stand out. The Horizon Evolve SG Compact Treadmill and Merit Fitness 725T Plus Treadmill.

We like the new design of the Horizon Evolve. It is lightweight yet sturdy. The 17 inches wide and 45 inches long running deck is adequate. The belt speed ranges up to 6 miles per hour. The user capacity is 250 lbs. If you want a compact treadmill for jogging or light running, this is a good choice.

The Merit 725T is more powerful and roomy. It has a 2.25 horsepower motor. The running speed goes up to 10 mile per hour. At 18 inches by 45 inches, even the running surface is a bit more spacious. The running belt has some cushioning.

You can not expect either of these treadmills to perform like more expensive treadmills. But these treadmills will meet the needs of many people. Perhaps a heavy-set man looking for a challenging run would not find these treadmills suitable but a senior citizen interested in a moderate run would.

It is a challenge to find a treadmill for running at this price that suits your needs. But if your research yields the treadmill that matches your needs, the fruit of your labor will be sweet. Take advantage of the information readily available across the internet and find the right treadmill.